Tuesday, August 16, 2022

State govt has no policy for private sector: Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee

Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) president K.Therie maintained that despite all the brouhaha over investment in Nagaland, the much hyped investment of Rs.20 lakh crore for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises(MSMEs) in India are rendered inapplicable to Nagaland as per Banks and Financial institutions.
In a statement, Therie pointed out the rules of SBI and other financial institutions appear to be different as these institutions do not adhere to notifications in public domain. He said even for implementation, there was no such Credit Guarantee Scheme (CGS) nor Unsecured Loan (without security) to revive sick industries and neither Start Up entrepreneur’s loan in Nagaland.

Therie based his point on how policies for promotion of entrepreneurs were mismanaged by the state government. He claimed the even in selection of beneficiaries for PMRY loans was done politically where selection was not based on merit of skill, commitment or feasibility report etc and for which make beneficiaries think that PMRY was “a political gift”. This was the reason PMRY beneficiaries do not repay loans while banks blame bad loans on public and refuse to provide loans, he said.
The other factor for banks not advancing loans to local entrepreneurs was delayed implementation of SARFAESI Act for several years since the state did not understand Nagaland Revenue Regulation Act.
He said the state government has also not declared cadastral areas in Dimapur district except a small part of Dimapur city. Due to this, he said banks and financial institutions were not entertaining any MSME schemes in Nagaland.
Therie also maintained that the annual government budget is solely for salary and allowances. He said even on this, the number of government employees has ballooned from 76,000 to 1,45,000. Further, he said ‘backdoor appointments have deprived all reservation policies. After deduction of huge debt servicing, he said the remaining development fund was shared by ruling politicians and insurgent groups. He said shortage of funds for salaries were experienced for most of the months.
Therie alleged that the state chief minister has built his own chain of resorts and hotels. He alleged that five cases of money laundering have been filed against certain CMO officials including the chief minister’s relatives. He said those having ED cases were “just simple and innocent people, who have been used.” In the light of these, Therie said the only way to develop in Nagaland was through corrupt money.
Therie also said Rs.200 crore meant for Mon medical colleges has been released while Kohima medical college has been forgotten and CBI probing construction of high court building.
He said even construction of Dimapur stadium is incomplete even after 32 years and looking like a Roman Coliseum. He said many development funds were drawn without doing works.
He said this has led NITI Aayog downgrade Nagaland as the worst performing state. He also said the former governor held that law and order in the state has completely failed due to existence of parallel insurgent governments “whose job is extortion, while waiting for implementation of political solution” promised by the prime minister to the nation in 2015.
Therie said Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma was “right in comparing Nagaland with Diphu district which has a functioning medical college while Nagaland was yet to have any.


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