Saturday, August 13, 2022

State in need of cost-efficient environment: Tongpang Ozüküm


Minister for PWD (Housing & Mechanical), Tongpang Ozüküm on Saturday said the state was in dire need for holistic approach and new technologies towards building an aesthetic and cost-efficient environment.
Speaking at the open session-cum-seminar on “New Technology in Built Environment”, hosted by Indian Buildings Congress (IBC)-Nagaland centre here, at Hotel Vivor, Tongpang said the event was a big step towards building a sustainable, resilient future.
Stressing on the need to address challenges with regard to development in comparison to other states, he informed that the ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs sanctioned construction of one Demonstration Housing Project (DHP) to the Housing department, with the use of a pre-fabricated sandwich panel system and steel structural system.
The minister stated that such an initiative would be a “game changer” along with the training progammes which would be organised for state professionals, engineers, planners and construction workers.
With road connectivity and unavailability of resources across the state, he hoped that such modern methods of construction based on advanced technologies would consume less time, minimise environmental impact and have positive influence in the state.
Further, Tongpang urged upon the IBC to guide the state with their knowledge and expertise in order to move under the direction of a developing and sustainable strategy.
In his address, Er. V. S. Verma spoke on the need to use the latest technologies for an environment friendly society
Informing that the country required 2.5 crore housing-dwelling units by 2030, Verma said by 2025, the housing sector would comprise of 13% of GDP.
Further, he urged upon the gathering to avoid creating pollution while constructing buildings.
On behalf of M/s K P R Construction, Parag Bedmutha gave a presentation on the new emerging technologies for construction purposes and Swedi Kiso gave a presentation on Nagaland PWD.
The programme was chaired by chief engineer, NPWD (H) I Tiameren while welcome address was delivered by engineer-in-chief of Nagaland PWD, Er Kahuli Sema.


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