Monday, August 8, 2022

Street play on ‘children and domestic workers’

Assisi Centre for integrated development, National Domestic Workers Movement (NDWM) Nagaland region, and All Nagaland Domestic Workers Union (ANDWU) through the support of Hilton Sisters organised a street play on the theme “Children and Domestic Workers” at Railway station and Super market, Dimapur on July 2.
In a press note, coordinator, NDWM Nagaland region, Sister Pramila informed that the street play enacted by NDWM-CRM children and ANDWU members addressed issues such as child labour, child domestic workers, and domestic workers issues.
Sister Pramila in her address expressed that children too had rights and that it was the duty of the elders to give it to them. She also stated that in the name of ‘education’ children ended up as child domestic workers, their rights violated, abused, and basic needs unfulfilled.

She further added that domestic workers also contributed a lot the economy of the nation. However, with a large number of domestic workers being women, they would go unnoticed as they do the “same work in both employer’s house and their own homes”. She therefore called for the need to recognize them as workers, respect their work, ensure days off, secure and safe working conditions with fair wage, and that they should not be treated as ‘slaves’ or ‘helpers’.
Later, concluding remarks were delivered by Sister Salomi who also stressed on importance of protecting children and treating domestic workers fairly.

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