Sunday, October 2, 2022

Student activists lock SCERT office in Mnp over non-appointment of director


State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) office in Imphal was locked by members of a students’ pressure group in protest against non-appointment of regular director for a long time.
Members of the Democratic Students’ Association of Manipur (DESAM) locked the office using a padlock, demanding immediate appointment of the regular director of the SCERT.
The SCERT under Manipur government has been functioning without a regular director for the last more than 17 months.
Various student bodies including DESAM have been pressing the state government to let the office function properly with a regular director.
“This is not the first time we locked down the office. Earlier too, we locked down the office on the same demand. But, the call fell on deaf ears,” DESAM general secretary M Somorjit Luwang told reporters.
Talking to reporters after locking the office, he said that DESAM has been demanding to appointment of a regular director of SCERT for the last over 17 months.
Asserting that SCERT is the backbone of the education system, the student leader lamented that such an important office was functioning in the state for namesake for a long time.
Somorjit said that SCERT as an institution is pivotal in framing syllabus and curriculum in the state. Besides, it also imparts training to the teachers who will teach students in schools.
However, the post of director of such an important institution has been lying vacant for over 17 months, he lamented.
“Abolish the SCERT if the government is not willing to make it function properly to improve the education scenario in the state,” he demanded.
He said that the state government has been talking about improving education in the state but ironically failed to stress on the effective teaching-learning process and provide proper training to school teachers.
He cautioned that the government must bear responsibility if the locked office is opened forcefully while reiterating that the state government must appoint the regular director.
The DESAM secretary general said that the student body was prepared for intensified agitations if the vacant post of director is not filled within the next two days.