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Sumi community celebrates Tuluni across the state

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Tuluni, a festival of feasts and merry-making, marking the end of dry season and the beginning of new fruits, was celebrated by the Sumi community across the state on Friday.
Kohima Sumi Hoho (KSH): Kohima Sumi Hoho (KSH) celebrated the festival at Kisama Naga Heritage Village, with minister of Agriculture and Co-operation, G.Kaito Aye as “Tuluni Papuh” (Tuluni’s father).
In his speech, Kaito claimed that though the Sumi tribe had rich customs and traditions, with the influence of modern culture their originality of traditions had declined, but by observing Tuluni, the younger generation would understand and be able to preserve their culture and identity.

In this regard, he lauded the initiative taken by the Sumi Hoho for the “Year of Reconciliation” and appealed the civil societies and individuals to put more efforts to transform the social economic, political reformation as well as concede with their faults and past mistakes through such celebration.
Kaito also mentioned that the government would be introducing schemes and programmes to promote and engage the youth in many avenues, mainly in entrepreneurship, farming and allied activities.
He therefore, encouraged them to avail the opportunities and venture into different fields apart from government jobs.
Kaito also urged the Sumi community to practice patience, humbleness and embrace unity, respect and reminded them that acceptance would not be achieved with brute force and malice but possible only with respect and a positive attitude toward others.
He urged the gathering to leave aside their pride and bring back the dignity of labour and build the economy strong, to strengthen their community and grow as one
Earlier, Kohima Sumi Hoho vice president, Vixepu Swu, chaired the programme, Shena Old Cultural Club, Kohima showcased traditional war dance and ululating Sumi indigenous war cry was performed by Khegholi and Inoli Lhoili Kiba.
President Kohima Sumi Hoho, Khevito T Shohe, in his welcome address welcomed the Sumi community and at the same time, acknowledged the collective efforts of Kohima Sumi Hoho, Kohima Sumi Totimi Hoho, Kohima Sumi Officers Union, and Kohima Sumi Students Union.
Further, he appealed to Sumi community to have a good relations and peaceful co-existence among the tribes as well as with other communities.
Chairperson for the festival were Akito Zhimomi and Kazia Zhimo, the invocation was offered by pastor, NCRC (Sumi), Kohima, Küghavi Chishi,
Traditional jumping competition was also conducted.
The Tuluni Celebration was attended by 19 Sumi Community wards under Kohima Sümi Hoho and other delegates and invitees.
Lothavi village:
Lhothavi Village Baptist Church (LVBC) also celebrated Tuluni by organising cultural dance, folk songs and traditional games and sports, festival feast etc.
Founder of YouthNet, Hekani Jakhalu Kense who graced the festival as chief guest said “Tuluni symbolises fraternity, solidarity, and oneness; not only among the Sumi community but Nagas as a whole”.
Lamenting that Naga society has been “divided due to division among villages and churches”, Hekani called upon the people to fully utilise the festival as an opportunity to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and unity among the communities.
“Let this kind of festival promote peace and unity” she added.
Meanwhile, SDO (civil) Dhansiripar, Berimong Chang said that in the Naga society, there were no written records but the traditions and cultures of the forefathers were practiced orally during such festivals. He therefore said that such event should be encouraged in order to promote cultural identity.
He also encouraged the younger generation to uphold the traditional practices, to preserve and to carry the responsibility of taking forward the impression and age old tradition.
Mentioning that Sumi community were known for their generosity, hospitality, openness and fearlessness, Chang encouraged the community to keep intact of those practices for which they were identified.
Head GB, Khetoho Tsuqu extended Tuluni greetings and said that such programmes were being organised to remember the traditions of the forefathers and to promote it.
At the programme, invocation prayer was offered by LBVC pastor Yepeka Awomi.
Yehemi Village:
Tuluni, the premier festival of the Sumis was observed with traditional fervour and cultural exhibit at Yehemi village under Suruhuto sub-division, Zunheboto district on July 8.
Advisor, Tourism and Art & Culture, Government of Nagaland, H. Khehovi Yeptho graced the celebration as Tuluni papuh (Tuluni father).
In a press release, PA to the advisor informed that in his address, Yeptho expressed deep sense of appreciation towards Yehemi village for preserving the age old traditional and cultural customs and showcasing them at the festival stating that showcasing of such cultural performances marked the true essence of the festival and without which the celebration would be meaningless.
He urged Yehemi villagers to document the cultural items and preserve it for future generations and towards this, he assured the villagers that he would assist the cultural troupes financially.
The advisor thanked the villagers for gifting him with the warrior’s attire and said that he would shout a war cry on behalf of Yehemi and Suruhuto-Asuto constituency.
Stressing on unity, he said “if we continue to hold tight to each other, who would be there to separate us”. Various cultural performances by men and women including elders and children were showcased during the celebration.

Cultural troupe performing a traditional dance at Lothavi village. (NP)

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