Thursday, August 18, 2022

SVC asks RPP to clarify

Taking note of the silence of the Rising People’s Party (RPP) regarding its recent statement concerning the poor condition of GHS building at Salomi, the Salomi Village Council (SVC) has asked the party to issue an official clarification on the matter.
SVC secretary H. Johan and Hd.GB Y. Tsepanki said the claim made by RPP, that GHS Salumi was constructed with wooden materials at cost of Rs. 58,12,000, (under RMSA scheme) was “false and misleading.”
They said as clarified earlier by SVC the school building highlighted by RPP party in the media was an old building inaugurated in 2002 by the then education minister H. Chuba Chang.
Despite the clarification, SVC said RPP has not yet made any statement on the issue which attracted attention as well as caused confusion among the public.
In this regard, SVC has asked RPP to make an official clarification through the print media.


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