Friday, August 19, 2022

SVC resolves to act against‘illegal and immoral activities’

In view of increasing reports of “illegal and immoral activities” in the jurisdiction of the Sovima village, Sovima Village Council (SVC) adopted a five-point resolution on July 22.
In a press release, SVC council secretary Ruokuosile Rupreo said the council resolved that any house/property in which any person was found selling psychotropic drugs will be seized/taken possession of by the council and the land registration cancelled.
Such properties will be disposed of by the council in whichever manner it deems fit and drug peddlers will be fined and expelled from the village, SVC informed.
The council resolved that any person found selling Indian-made foreign liquor (IMFL) in the village will be fined and expelled and their household possessions seized; it shall be the responsibility of house/property owners to monitor activities of their tenants and have been directed to furnish full details of tenants such as photos, mobile numbers, copies of Aadhaar/EPIC documents to the council within one month.
Youth volunteers with proper ID cards shall patrol the jurisdiction of the village at night to prevent empty/vacant spaces being used for immoral activities.
Trade license shall be issued to all business establishment within the village by the council to ensure protection of traders from illegal taxations and to protect rights of consumers.

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