Wednesday, August 17, 2022

tEA aims to plant 1 billion fruit trees by 2050


The Entrepreneurs Associates (tEA) has highlighted its plans to plant 1 billion fruit trees by 2050 under its “Trees for Wealthy” (TFW) movement, which was launched on November 22, 2019.
Addressing a press conference at its head office, here on Monday, tEA CEO, Neichüte Doulo, said the movement was a first of its kind to bring about a revolution in the local economy alongside restoring and conserving the environment through the widescale plantation of fruit trees and not just any other tree.
He said the slogan “Micro by one, volume by mass” was built on the unique land holding system and social structure of ethnic communities of Nagaland and Manipur states particularly and North East Region (NER) of India in general.
Highlighting the push behind the start of the movement, Doulo said since 2010, tEA had planted about 1 lakh trees for Mithun Bio Fencing through the support of Tata Trusts and planted about 35,000 native oaks with the support of Axis Bank Foundation in 2014.
However, he said, those initiatives failed to see any perpetuation of increased tree plantation by farmers on their own and they planted only during the project support period.
In addition to the need for continued plantation of trees and the concern of flash flood in Nagaland in 2014, Doulo said the erratic climate changes sparked the need for tEA to also contribute its bit for global environment restoration.
Doulo said that a total of 4.6 lakh fruit trees had been planted since the launch of the movement and tEA plans to plant 5 lakh fruit trees in 2022 alone.
Through the movement, a mixed variety of fruit trees like plum, orange, lime, guava, persimmon, avocado, mango, fig, tamarillo, walnut, pears, litchee etc. had been introduced including quick yielding fruit trees so that farmers could harvest early and start generating income to motivate and encourage them to adopt fruit tree plantation as a viable long-term livelihood.
Doulo said tEA was only an NGO and therefore could only trigger the movement with the required logistics and innovative programs. He said that since the people have the basic tools like land, labour and minimum capital they had the potential to turn Nagaland into the “fruit hub” of India.
Also, since Nagaland was in the 6th Hotspots of the World’s biodiversity, he said the state could truly take the advantage by adopting mass fruit tree plantation under “Micro by One, Volume by Mass” where 10 lakh farmers and individuals on an average planting 1000 fruit trees would indeed lead to 1billion fruit trees, Doulo said.


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