Sunday, October 2, 2022

Teachers as builders ofnation and society’s backbone, an understatement

The hour is at hand for teachers not to become builders of a nation nor to be the backbone of a society. But rather to make one individual to be at his best self within himself and with nature. For, for far too long this trend has been in trend in teaching methodology and ideology.
Can we make the effort to teach a pupil not to be just engineers, doctors, scientists, and lawyers… For indeed this goal-oriented transaction has brought the world to its knees and is crying for redemption from all means of exploitation in our pursuit for a better and convenient lifestyle. A lifestyle which has far exceeded beyond our human needs.
For an educated community has done much damage to the world than the uneducated, by developing weapons of mass destruction to maintain world peace.And every individual is a by-product of his/her own school environment in some manner.
Let’s stop producing machines programmed for world destruction at the expense of nature and humanity in the name of profession.
Let’s join hands to make an individual to be at his/her best pleasantness with himself and with the rest of the world on this teachers day.
David Tsopoe, Primary Teacher and environmentalist, GPS Shaki