Monday, October 3, 2022

Teachers’ Day: President Murmu hopes more talent joins teaching profession

President Droupadi Murmu on Sunday expressed hope that more talent join the noble profession of teaching and asserted that efforts of our teachers will help us achieve new heights in the field of education.
In a message on the eve of Teachers’ Day, Murmu said our teachers are continuously trying to improve their capabilities and proficiency through new research, experiments and innovations. “On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, I extend my warm wishes to all the teachers in our country. I hope that more talent join the noble profession of teaching. I extend my wishes again to all teachers. It is due to their efforts that responsible citizens emerge, who are ready to work for the welfare of the nation in every possible manner,” she said.
“Our teachers are continuously trying to improve their capabilities and proficiency through new research, experiments and innovations. Through the National Education Policy-2020, changes are being brought in our education system… I am confident that the efforts of our teachers will help us achieve new heights in the field of education,” she noted.
Murmu also paid tributes to former president Dr S Radhakrishnan, whose birth anniversary is celebrated as Teacher’s Day.
“This occasion marks the birth anniversary of the great teacher-philosopher and former President of India, Dr S Radhakrishnan. I pay my humble tributes to him. He is an inspiration for all teachers who try to instill, in addition to knowledge, human values in the students,” she said.

CM, others greet teachers

DIMAPUR, SEP 4 (NPN): On the eve of Teacher’s Day, Nagaland chief minister Neiphiu Rio and minister for Higher Education and Tribal Affairs minister Temjen Imna Along greeted members of the teaching fraternity and express gratitude for their service.
In a tweet, chief minister Rio said Teachers play a pivotal role in shaping students to become responsible citizens and inculcate necessary life skills. “Grateful to them for their invaluable contribution towards nation-building,” he said.
Along: Minister H&T education, Imna Along said September 5 was a special day to celebrate and remember the teachers for all their selfless services with gratitude in hearts. He said teachers were truly the backbone of a strong nation and that if anyone wished to see the country with beautiful and enlightened minds, there was one key societal figure who could make the difference –teacher.
Along also described teaching as a noble profession who help to realise the dreams of thousands. He said all these begin with a teacher who could shape and mould those dreams into reality in pursuit for excellence. They were the dream shapers not only because they instilled the passion for learning in their students, but also for inspiring them to face new challenges in life with confidence.
Along described a good teacher as one who only taught from a book but went all the way to identify the hidden talents in every student and encouraging him or her to pursue his or her dreams.
“Today, we honour all teachers for their resilience and perseverance in pursuit of creating a better society of enlightened minds,” the message read.
Meanwhile, Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) and All Sümi Students’ Union (SKK) have also extended greetings to teachers on the occasion.

NSF: NSF extended warm greetings to all teachers across Naga-inhabited areas on the occasion of Teachers’ Day. NSF president Kegwayhun Tep and education secretary Medovi Rhi in a press release expressed appreciation on the role of teachers in their crucial responsibility in imparting knowledge and inculcating the noble virtues of life in the hearts and minds of students to become responsible citizens.
NSF said the efforts and hard works put in by teachers to adapt with the continuous cycle of education by keeping the students engaged with their academic and other educational activities was well appreciated.
The federation said as Naga people aspire towards a vibrant Naga society, the student community was confident was in “noble and qualified” hands to usher the younger generation of Nagas into a new era of peace and prosperity.

SKK: SKK through education secretary Ngukato L. Aye said that as the nation observed Teachers’ Day, SKK took the opportunity to acknowledge and laud the invaluable service rendered by the teachers towards building the society.
SKK mentioned that quality education could never be substituted, while the teachers’ role towards imparting the same was indisputable. At this juncture, it had become even more necessary to lay emphasis on quality education as the world made unimaginable progress said SKK.
On behalf of SKK, Aye appealed to the teachers seeking their persistent commitment and accountability towards nurturing young minds, while expressing deep gratitude, adding “we continue to rely on your noble actions to inspire holistic growth and change the landscape of our society”.