Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Tetso College holds 4th Graduation Day

Tetso College held its commencement ceremony for outgoing class of 2022 on July 15 with Dr. Kethoser (Aniu) Kevichusa as commencement speaker.
In a press release issued by college media cell, it informed that Dr. Kethoser Kevichusa during his address stressed on the word ‘commencement’ and how the ceremony was seen as a conclusion but actually meant ‘to begin something’. He also spoke of King David from the Bible and the importance of servanthood and service after which, he encouraged students to continue witnessing their faith whether in the religious or secular sphere.
Dr. Hewasa Lorin in the principal’s address, expressed joy and gratitude to class of 2022 for their commendable efforts and encouraged them to take the “Tetso Advantage” to continue achieving success in their future pursuits. She exhorted students to take the sum of all the experiences they’ve had at the college to keep striving for excellence, to keep being “committed and relentless” towards their aspirations, and to keep “dreaming”, “thinking”, and especially “doing”.
Akhumla Sangtam, who topped in NU, bachelors of business administration (BBA) delivered the valedictorian speech.
Later, commencement took place with 351 students from various disciplines receiving their baccalaureate degrees from heads of departments, various Tetso faculty, and special guests.
Earlier, invocation was said by Rev. Candid Sareo and a special number was presented by Tetso Music Club.

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