Tuesday, July 5, 2022

‘The habit to implicate everything at males’

Its, not new to the word, patriarchy, chauvinism, misogynist, etc whatever word to put for describing implicating at males. Its, has become an ease to implicate everything to males, especially in modern generation society.
If something is hindered, especially in gender related agenda, its not new to point at males as in patriarchy, chauvinism, etc. There is a saying, “You educate a man, you educate a man, but you educate a women, you educate a generations”, but what I have observed that this saying is only one side of the coin and is very irony.
The other side of the coin is a trump card to implicate everything that hinders their gender, infact an educated woman should be intelligible, rather than implicating at others.
Infact, the modern society emphasize so much on females, that the taboo topic especially on menstruation has become not taboo at all, thanks to print media, social media, etc for sensitizing. Because of that, even males are aware of whats going on in females body (cramps, mood swings etc). But, nevertheless what I have observed is that opposite gender assume that males don’t know what’s going on with females body especially females period, when modern males are already aware.
Obviously males cannot comfortably talk openly, but are much aware now a days. I want the readers, especially our respected sisters, daughters, mothers and all females folks to think positively and questioned themselves (not only to implicate males at everything), but to help the entire society.
N. L. Naga, Kohima

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