Monday, October 3, 2022

The Nagas misconstrue honourable and acceptable solution

The Nagas talk about honourable and acceptable solution but many laymen including me are confused and could not precisely comprehend the phrase “honourable and acceptable” solution.
According to the dictionary, the word acceptable is defined as:

  1. Worthy, decent, sure of being accepted or received with at least moderate pleasure.
  2. Barely Worthy, less than excellent; passable
    That means acceptable to both sides. William Shakespeare paraphrased it in his book “The Merchant of Venice”, as a double blessing, “for him that giveth and him that receivedst”. In other words, it is a compromised solution, as late Kevichusa, former MP rightly said, “no give” and only “take” is not acceptable and honourable solution.
    Secondly, NSCN (IM) claimed the government of India recognised the unique history of the Nagas. Infact, it is not only Nags that have unique history, but every state in India has their own unique history. Before India got her independence in 1947, there were 584 princely states in the Indian sub-continent, each princely state had their own unique history, culture, religion, language and dresses. This is the reason why India is aptly defined as “unity in the midst of diversity”.
    Therefore, we should not mislead the mass Nagas with the phrase uniqueness as coined only for the Nagas.
    The Nag people have been reeling under the scourge of political turmoil since the early 1950’s. They are already exhausted from this lengthy political race and have been now earnestly yearning for cessation from hostility and to overcome mistrust among each other and also to clear the doubts and uncertainty that lies upon their future. It is understood that the agreed position between GoI and NNPGs is already placed upon the table of Prime Minister of India only to be taken up in the Parliament. The Naga people solemnly urged upon the peace negotiators to bring earliest solution-either with or without flag and constitution. Observing the present situation of peace talk, the question of sovereignty seems to be mirage and may not be achievable at this point of time.
    Therefore, the question of sovereignty be left to the future generations to pursue on the principle of non-violence and democratically.
    It is not we Nagas who said, no sovereignty, no flag, no constitution, no integration. It is the Government of India’s decision and they firmly stand on this principle. Therefore, let us not accuse each other on this issue.
    Let us ask what is possible and not what is impossible. Demanding impossibility will lead us nowhere. Even in the sight of God, He will not grant us what we don’t deserve. It is said God will certainly bless us, what we deserve, not what we don’t deserve. Recently, on 5th August 2022, the huge mammoth gathering of Nagas from all walks of life under the leadership of NPAC demonstrated their ardent desire for early political solution. They want peace. This was the voice of the people.
    Dr. Hokishe Yeputhomi