Thursday, August 18, 2022

Thüvopisümi Youth Association refutes PYO’s claims

Thüvopisümi Youth Association (TYA) has refuted the claims made by Pholami Youth Organisation (PYO) that place where resting shed, which was inaugurated at Dzüdu lake on July 20 last, fell under ancestral land of Pholami village.
In a press release, TYA president Künükhrüyi Dozo and general secretary Zapolhüzo Dozo claimed that Dzüdu lake and its virgin forest land bounded by mountain ridge from the east southern side up to (7 villages common reserve forest) including all standing natural resources above the ground and beneath the ground “solely” belonged to Thüvopisümi village.
Thüvopisümi Youth Association said their forefathers marked those forest land, valleys, mountains, rivers, streams and lake within their dominion since time immemorial “as bequeathed” by their ancestors’ village Tsüswüzu.
The association said it was “delighted” to learn from the media that Pholami Youth Organisation vandalised the property at Dzüdu Lake.
It claimed that in 2010, some miscreant burnt down a log cabin at Dzüdu Lake and in 2020, a property was vandalised, however, they could not identify the perpetrators “until voluntary admission made in public by Pholami village youth of their wrong doing through public notice dated July 25.”
Thüvopisümi Youth Association said there was “no logic on the part of the property owner to take the consent from the perpetrator to do or undo something in their lawful land”.
Rather, the association said, it was “a matter of denouncing or settle score against the culprits on the spot by tradition.”
In this regard, TYA condemned the “repeated insensitivity actions of vandalising public properties at Dzüdu Lake by Pholami youth”, during which, it claimed that properties worth several lakh of rupees were ruined.
It said the existence of two neighbouring villages was known by all including the ownership of Dzüdu lake which stood undisturbed and with Thüvopisümi.
“It is a fact that we shared land boundaries but it doesn’t mean we share everything which stand within our domain”, TYA stated.
Thüvopisümi Youth Association said “as a peace loving and law abiding” people, they would leave the matter to the public to judge and the established government to expedite the matter.

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