Sunday, August 14, 2022

TNR asks public to reflect on ‘political choice’

Asserting that a time has come for “alternative politics” in Nagaland, The Naga Rising (TNR) on Tuesday appealed to the public “to reflect on the political choice” they make today.
In a statement, the core group of TNR asked the public if they wanted their children to inherit a system that guaranteed a better future or have the children leave the land because of the corrupt system.
It claimed that all was not well with the governance system and that there was recognition of the need for change.
TNR, however, said that the sense of taking responsibility to clean up the corrupt and dysfunctional system remained “a futile endeavour.”
Maintaining that TNR gave birth to Rising People’s Party (RPP) to be the change they want to see, the group said that since its inception, RPP has been able to raise high hopes among the public, especially the younger generation.
This, the group said, reconfirmed its conviction to be rededicated to the mission for which the party was created. As a new party, TNR said there was no better way to deal with challenges than remaining strong to the cause for which the party exists and to hold on to its ideals.

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