Tuesday, September 27, 2022

TNR releases ‘roadmap’ for Naga political issue

Staff Reporter

The Naga Rising (TNR) on Wednesday released “Roadmap to a peaceful, honorable and early solution” with the hope that it would serve as a way forward in taking the process to its logical conclusion.
Speaking at the release programme at Hotel Saramati here, TNR convener Along Longkumer stated that modern challenges confronting Naga people could only be resolved through a broad-based inclusive framework and peaceful means. He said that Nagas were now confronted by the confusion and dilemma with two parallel agreements, which has further polarized the Nagas.
Longkumer also said that Nagas have become restless and were now losing faith in the long-drawn peace process of 25 years.
With the hope to pave a way forward, he said TNR, in its motive to find answers, had come up with the “Roadmap to a peaceful, honorable and early solution”.
TNR convenor, however, maintained that the roadmap was not a unilateral document to benefit only one side, party or faction. He said that the roadmap was a unifying draft that could have positive impact on present peace process.
Further, Longkumer said that TNR’s initiative should be seen not as contradictory, but as complementary to the resolve of the Naga public for early and inclusive solution.
He said TNR acknowledged, supported and respected the different public initiatives, movements, platforms and voices working for peace, unity, reconciliation, and resolution of the Naga political issue.
Beyond making appeals for early solution or mobilizing masses, Longkumer said TNR was clear and firm in its understanding that the prevailing situation also demanded decisive plan of combined action and strategy.
In this regard, he stated that Nagas by nature become emotional and impulsive at a given situation. “We tend to lose our way in confusion we create, exposing our isms and division,” Longkumer said and stressed the need to apply more of mind, to think critically and objectively.
Responding to a query on how to break the stalemate between the government of India and NSCN (I-M) on the unresolved issues of flag and constitution, Longkumer said that the idea of early solution could only happen if there was a breakthrough to the roadblock or issues that were stopping the solution from being achieved.
Longkumer said that TNR had taken the initiatives to reach out to experts on how to find a bigger ground between the Government of India and NSCN ((I-M) on the issue of Flag and Constitution.
Meanwhile, TNR has appealed to all Nagas beyond borders to take ownership of the roadmap.