Thursday, October 6, 2022

Tobu-Mopong Public Forum serves ultimatum on state govt

Tobu-Mopong Public Forum (TMPF) has served an ultimatum on the state government to retain Mopong EAC headquarters under ADC Tobu administration before August 13, 2022, failing which the civil society organisations (CSOs) under Tobu would stand in solidarity with the Independence Day boycott call made by Mopong-Hongkong Public Forum.
Tobu-Mopong Public Forum through its media cell cautioned that the forum would not be held responsible for any untoward incidents that could arise.
The forum stated that all necessary documents have been submitted time and again to the state government since 2014 when Mopong EAC Hq was transferred under SDO (Civil) Angjangyang without consulting the public of both Tobu and Mopong.
The forum also said that government-constituted committee met all the apex organizations from Tobu, Mopong and Angjangyang on February 4, 2020 to discuss the issue, but no positive response has been received till date.