Thursday, September 29, 2022

Towards a green economy

The green economy was launched by the UNEP, a United Nation Environment Program in 2008 as initiative to give analysis a policy support for the investment in the environment for greening and green sector. Green economy aimed at environment sustenance and reduce the potential risk caused to our environment. It also aimed at development of environment without causing any harm to it. With the conception of Green Economy, many start-up firm have built their business around the Green Economy. Firms are beginning to see the viability of a business.
Today due to the rising fuel prices, everyone is beginning to see the importance of alternative energy sources and the people also begin to realize that sources are becoming scarce. With the growing demand for energy and the descending supply of it, everyone is starting to gain interest in the Green Economy. As such more and more start-up firms are attempting to tap into and take advantage of the growing interest in the green market. The world today is doing everything to combat Global Warming which is seen as a major threat to future earning of almost each sector in the global economy by the adoption of Green Technology. China is one of the good example to understand what Green Economy would be like in the developed countries. Currently China invest more than any other country in renewable energy.
Another initiative of sustainable development is metrics and indicators. Green Economy and sustainable development are about measuring the transformation which encourage the economic growth. Some of the transformation initiative include that there is less production of carbon oxide, recycling of wastes, and ensuring that the ecosystem is sustainable. The world’s population depends on agriculture for food and provision of employment opportunities. Through sustainable development practices, agricultural yield will double increasing the available of food, reduction of poverty and plenty of water for all.
In conclusion I would like to suggest that one should take up a program to caters green jobs. It will increase their marketability and allow them to get ahead of everyone else. Furthermore a Green Economy has the potential in the path of sustainable development. It can also help to eradicate poverty. A Green Economy can generate as much growth and employment as a brown economy and outperform rowing towards a Green Economy with require world leaders, civil society and leading business to collaboratively engage in this transition. It will required sustained effort on the path of policymakers and their constituents to rethink and redefine traditional measures of wealth, property and well-being.
Akhu Richa,
BA 5th Semester, Modern College