Friday, October 7, 2022

TR Zeliang inaugurates Zeliangrongram colony gate

Staff Reporter

United Democratic Alliance (UDA) chairman, TR Zeliang inaugurated the Zeliangrongram colony welcome gate, here, on Tuesday.
Speaking at the programme as special guest, Zeliang urged upon the people to preserve their culture, tradition and history.
The UDA chairman suggested modifications to the gate by including attires on it representing the three Zeliangrong brothers—Zeme, Liangmai and Rongmei Naga tribes, who, he said have been divided by the British “by drawing artificial boundaries.”
He said in the early days, gates were built to restrict others, but in the present, they should be “symbols of peace and coexistence.”
Speaking on the need to use indigenous names to preserve history of Nagas, he said if history was not preserved, others could dominate and remove the original inhabitants of a place.
Meanwhile, minister for Environment, Forests & Climate Change, YM Yollow Konyak Zeliangrongs and Konyaks focussed on education with God in their hearts, they could compete with anyone.
A brief history of the colony was shared by head GB Namsinlung.
The GB informed that Zeliangrong village was established sometime in 1940, after which the then DC Naga hills under Assam, SJ Duncan province recognised as Kabui Basti, presently Zeliangrongram.
The Zeliangrong village was known as Tangnazeilong (Kabul Basti) Dhobinala Nagaland as per the first settler (pioneer) of the village since 1940 till 1971.
He said after settlement of Zemei and Liangmei, the name of the village nomenclature was changed to Zeliangrong village, Dhobinala, Dimapur.
Zeliangrongram colony, Dimapur nomenclature was changed as per the state government office memorandum dated Kohima, February 1, 2013 for municipal council. Accordingly, he said, Zeliangrong village change into Zeliangrongram colony on April 23, 2022.