Monday, October 3, 2022

Training on implementation of BMWM in Kiphire

District level refreshers training on implementation of Bio-Medical Waste Management (BMWM) for all health facilities under Kiphire district was held on August 30 at District Hospital Kiphire (DHK).
A press release by Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Kiphire office stated that the training conducted by the Nagaland Health Project (NHP) with support from the CMO Kiphire office aimed to orient health workers about managing bio-medical waste in their respective health centres.
In an opening remark, CMO Kiphire, Dr. R Chubala Aier highlighted about bio-medical waste management and called on the participants to get well versed about managing biomedical waste and encouraged them to teach the same to other health workers in their respective health units.
At the training, resource persons, DF, NHP, Zitilong Sangtam presented the training objectives and overview and DPM, quality assurance, Chenosin Yim oriented the trainees on segregation, collection, handling, storage, and transportation of biomedical wastes and mentioned various BMWM treatments and disposal technologies and the importance of personal protection. Medical Officer (MO), Dr. Sikukhiumew Torechu emphasised on use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while handling biomedical waste.