Thursday, October 6, 2022

Transporters receiving threats through calls, SMS: DCCI

Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) has expressed alarm over “certain elements” harassing the Dimapur-based transporters in the form of monetary demands and threats through mobile calls and SMSs.
In a press release, DCCI president Akashe Zhimomi and DCCI grievances cell convenor Omega Yepthomi claimed that those elements come with their own lock and keys and shut down offices of the transporters if their demands were not entertained.
DCCI has reminded the transporters and business community members to immediately contact the police and DCCI in case of any such harassment or intimidation. DCCI has cautioned that it would henceforth not hesitate to file FIR if such incident arose.
For revision of prices of hardware goods: Observing that following the removal check gates the prices of many essential commodities have come down in Dimapur except prices of hardware goods and products like cement and sand, the DCCI has urged the district administration to revise the rates of hardware products in the larger interest of the consumers.
DCCI stated that earlier, the hike in price of cement had to be initiated due to various taxations at check gates. DCCI said the hike in price greatly affected the cement market and the sale still remained at a slow pace as consumers were not willing to pay the existing rates of Rs. 490 to Rs. 500 per bag.
It stated that in states like West Bengal and Bihar, cement brands like Star and Dalmia were being sold at around Rs. 400 per bag.
DCCI informed that Star cement imports clinker from its mother plant in Meghalaya to various grinding plants in Assam and Siliguri and then transported to West Bengal and Bihar where they were being sold at a lesser price (around Rs. 100 difference) than in Nagaland though the distance to Nagaland was much shorter. Besides, DCCI said Dalmia cement was manufactured at Lanka in Assam for distribution within the North East Region.
However, DCCI said the existing rate (retail price) of the same cement brands (Star and Dalmia) was Rs. 485 to Rs. 500 in Dimapur.
Whereas, other national cement brands (manufactured in the mainland) were reaching Dimapur at about Rs. 400 per bag, DCCI.
“Therefore, it is a matter of fact that the cement industries in the North East are exploiting consumers to the core and this issue needs to be addressed on urgent basis,” DCCI said.
It pointed out that Cement brands available in Dimapur like Surya Gold, Star, Topcem, Max, Amrit, CCi were all local brands of the NE and Dalmia cement though a national brand was also locally made by using limestone from Assam.
DCCI maintained that the consumers should also encourage the cement traders in Nagaland to import more mainland cement brands so as to discourage the monopoly of brands like Star and Dalmia cement in the North East.
DCCI affirmed that it would be monitoring the market to ensure that no trader or vested interests take undue advantage or resort to unfair practices.

Adhere to ban on single-use plastic: DCCI has directed all the shops and business houses to strictly adhere to the ban on single-use plastic (SUPs) as notified by the state government with effect from July 1, 2022.
Shopkeepers have been advised to provide alternative eco-friendly bags in lieu of SUPs and to extend co-operation to the district administration in the drive against SUPs.
Further, DCCI appealed to the customers and public to lend their support to maintain an eco-friendly environment both in the market place and at home by discarding use of SUPs.