Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Tuensang police release crime report

Tuensang police on Tuesday, released a crime report of June 11 and 14 where three individuals were arrested and various items were seized.
On June 14, Tuensang police conducted a house search where 1.67 grams of suspected drugs (sunflower) were seized from the possession of Sekmoumensa.
Later, on the same day, the police conducted a house raid and seized four assorted pistol, three magazines, 73 live ammunition, 10673 capsules of SP/alprazolam/paracetamol and dicyclomine hydrochloride, and a cash of Rs. 2.8 lakh from possession of a drug peddler.
On June 11, Tuensang police arrested one Mukom K. Khiam, son of Khonglai Khiam on charged of possessing illegal drugs
According to police, the recovered items included 39 tablets of Cicyclomine, 554 tablets of Alprazolam (I.P 1.0 mg), two capsules of Spasmo Proxyvon, two syringes (2ml), one syringe (2.5ml) and a cash of Rs. 1,105.
Meanwhile, on the same day, the QRT conducted a house search and recovered drugs and items from one Chongshenmongba (37).
The seized items included sunflower (suspected heroin)-0.18milligram approx, 200 grams of Ganja, two bottles of Vodka (180ml each), 31 cigarette lighters, one zippo lighter, 12 empty tobacco containers, one metal necklace with metal pipe attached and one roll of aluminium foil.
In connection to the arrests, police informed that cases were registered and investigations were on.
SF apprehend 3 with 500 kg of poppy seeds
DIMAPUR: Security Forces (SF) in as joint operation with the state police apprehended three “drug dealers” in general area, Kukidolong on June 12.
According to PRO IGAR (N), based on a specific input, the joint team recovered around 500 kg of poppy seeds worth Rs. 20 lakh (approx.) from the possession of the apprehended individuals.
The apprehended “dealers” along with confiscated drugs were handed over to PS Medziphema for further investigation, PRO informed.

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