Monday, August 8, 2022

Tuli area mine contractors oppose govt’s move to auction coal

Tuli Area Coal Miner Contractors’ Association (TACMCA) has expressed strong opposition to the directorate of geology & mining’s invitation for expression of interest and quotation for auctioning of Nagaland coal vide advertisement published on May 7, 2022.
In a press release, TACMCA president and secretary stated that there were at least five coal mining lease (CML) holders, two coal outsource licensees of different firms and individuals along with 120-130 coal miners were actively involved in coal mining business under Tuli sector, Mokokchung district.
The association also stated that there were about 50,000 MT of coal mine depot/stock including coal at the mining site available under Tuli sector.
TACMCA claimed that prior to the publication of the advertisement, the directorate of G&M “having malafide intention” issued an order vide NO.DGM/COAL/RAKE(GEN)/2022, Dated March 31, 2022 stating inter alia “cancellation & invalidation of all NOC for rake outward booking of Nagaland Coal from various loading points”.
The association has accused the G&M department of “arbitrarily” and without any consultation cancelling and invalidating all 19 NOCs issued against eight firms on the alleged ground of logistic problems and non-availability of coal in the respective stockyards including those firms of CML Holders under Tuli Sector with immediate effect.
After the issuance of the impugned cancellation & invalidation order dated March 31, 2022, TACMCA said that G&M department through an inspection team visited the Tuli sector on April 28, 2022. After spot inspection, verification and survey, the association claimed the inspection team expressed “full satisfaction” on the abundant availability of coal stock/depot under Tuli Sector. On the same day,
TACMCA said it also appealed to the inspection team to pursue and press for revocation of the impugned order March 31, 2022 before the higher authority. While it was hoping for revoking the impugned order and smooth flow of coal mining business and activities, the association said the state government through G&M directorate has quite contrary to the inspection team’s impression on the availability of coal stock, published the advertisement on May 7, 2022.
TACMCA claimed it clearly reflects that the advertisement was published “on the behest of some individual vested interest”.
To discuss the department’s advertisement, TACMCA held an emergency general meeting at Tuli Town on May 8, 2022. At the meeting, the house “unanimously resolved and affirmed” that “henceforth the TACMCA shall in no way cooperate with the execution, operation of coal mining activities under Tuli Sector with any department, firm and or individual” in view of the purported execution of auctioning of Nagaland Coal.
TACMCA also affirmed that any firm, association or individual venturing and taking part in the alleged auctioning process and subsequent execution of works would be doing so “at their own peril.”


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