Monday, August 8, 2022

Unbridled indulgence

In all probability, assembly election in Nagaland will be held on schedule in February-March 2023 in the absence of a clear indication of securing the long awaited agreement over the Naga political issue. The scheduled assembly election had been under a pall of uncertainty since 2020 when the then Interlocutor and also former Nagaland governor R.N.Ravi gave strong indications that the government of India was going to walk the talk after he had declared on October 23,2019 that the central government will not extend the talks which is scheduled to be concluded by October 31. Also in his address on the first day of the seventh session of the 13th Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA), on February 12,2021, Ravi as then Governor said that early resolution of the long-drawn Naga political issue had continued to remain the focus of the government. He reiterated that as negotiations had concluded, there was need to redouble efforts to build on the substantial gains made so as to move swiftly for the final solution. The expectations of the eventual solution before Christmas in 2021 and by New Year 2022 has not materialised. Neither has the change of guard when Ravi resigned or had to resign as Interlocutor and also transferred to Tamil Nadu as governor of that state. The government of India has appointed A.K.Mishra as the Representative to meet with Naga Political Groups the to try and iron out issues particularly the sticking points raised by the NSCN(I-M). The state political parties have thrown up an opposition-less government under the name of United Democratic Alliance(UDA) on September 18,2021.It is the second such experiment, the first being when eight Congress MLAs joined the DAN-III government on November 23,2015. Both so-called opposition-less governments are clear proof that state politicians are blinded by greed for power but it is not surprising because the people they represent are no less diseased with opportunism- easy money and who damn care for whart is moral or legal only – ‘Khushi-khushi’.The so-called opposition-less governments are a blot on the reputation of the people and the state. It means no one is bothered about anything else but money. Even the ideology of Naga nationalism for which thousands have suffered since the turbulent 50s till the 80s, has been sacrificed at the altar of rhetoric and false narrative. Election for Solution or Solution for Election or even No Solution No Election are slogans that have been diluted or even adulterated for vested interests. The formation of UDA has not brought solution anywhere nearer as in 2015.As it is, the Centre cannot solve Naga problem because it will give what is constitutionally give-able. Leaving aside the narrative of election and solution, voters in Nagaland, if they have any sense or conscience left, will have nothing to choose unlike in the 70s when people voted freely for so-called regionalism, only to experience sky rocketing of corruption and nepotism in the name of Naga solution. Any political party of coalition that tries to mislead people about being politically correct should realise the harm inflicted. Election is about Nagaland state and not about anything else since election as well as the state are governed and defined by the constitution. It is time to rethink about Naga-ism as more with advancement and progress and proving that Nagas can be the best rather than pressing the brake for the mythical past.

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