Monday, October 3, 2022

Various Naga political groups celebrate ‘76th Naga Independence Day’

Staff Reporter/Correspondent

Several Naga Political Groups observed the “76th Naga Independence Day” at their respective headquarters and designated camps on Sunday.
NSCN (I-M): NSCN(I-M) ato kilonser Th. Muivah in his message that was read out by member of collective leadership Rh. Raising at a function organised at the Council Headquarters Hebron, reiterated sovereignty was the birthright of Nagas and if they failed to defend it then they will be doomed. Muivah also said Nagas yearned for peace but “peace without freedom, was wishful thinking” and that it (peace) did not exist on its own by with freedom, truth justice and rights.
He reaffirmed that NSCN(I-M) stood for agreement but cautioned if it cannot bring solution then it will be a form without content. He said all past agreements could not bring solution because they betrayed the Naga national principle. Thus, he said Nagas are looking for an issue-based solution but that NSCN (I-M) will oppose imposition of “Indian will on the Nagas.”
Speaking as guest of honour, Naga People’s Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR) secretary general Neingulo Krome recalled that sacrifices made by Naga freedom fighters who laid down their lives for Naga nation.
He also paid tributes to leaders and pioneers who laid the foundation of Naga freedom movement starting from formation of Naga Club which later became the Naga National Council just on the eve of the departure of the British.
Earlier, the Naga national flag was unfurled by Th. Muivah. The programme was chaired by SC secretary Joseph Patton and ladies unit GHQ, 2 i/c ‘lieut.’ Ningkhan Zimik and invocation offered by CNC president Rev D Heutui Zeme. Highlights of the programme included special numbers by Thaanci Whourr, Makuilongdi Lun Choir, Benjongsola Jamir, while folk dance was performed by Kharan Union Dance Troupe; A silent prayer in honour of martyrs was also conducted by Naga Army chaplain ‘col.’ Ph Daniel.
Drill display by GFTHq, Naga Army, while vote of thanks was given by cabinet secretary John and benediction offered by CNC general secretary Rev Seksim Kasar.

GPRN/NSCN: Ato kilonser of GPRN/NSCN N. Kitovi Zhimomi and advisor to collective leadership C. Singson graced the ‘76th Naga Independence Day’ programme at Naga Unification Camp, Khehoyi Sunday as special guest and guest speaker respectively.
In his speech Kitovi reiterated that neither British nor India gifted land to Nagas but God almighty alone. He described August 14,1947 as the greatest milestone that epitomizes Naga nationhood.
Kitovi reaffirmed that with or without integration, Naga homeland will never evaporate and it shall be known and be called ‘Nagaland’ and no other, as coined by Naga pioneers.
He said Naga history will remember “who wasted twenty-five years in fruitless parleys, amassing wealth and enriching themselves” and who negotiated with the government of India with great transparency and arrived at “the most transparent practical roadmap for the Nagaland people.”
NNC/FGN: The Naga National Council (NNC) celebrated the “75th anniversary of the Nagaland Independence declaration” at Chemeda village on August 14.
In his speech, kedahge Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) ‘gen.’ (Retd.) Viyalie Metha called upon the people “not to be confused with the puppet state of Nagaland created by the Government of India with the intention to divide and confuse the Nagas.” He said from the very inception of the “so-called 16-point Agreement” which created the state of Nagaland by India, the then NNC president AZ Phizo had outrightly rejected it through a statement dated July 31, 1960 wherein it was stated that: “No agreement can be recognized regarding the future of Nagaland except with people who are truly representative of the Naga Nation.”
On the occasion NNC president Adinno Phizo released a book to commemorated “75 years of Naga Independence.”
Earlier, the program was chaired by convenor organizing committee, Shevohü Keyho. The scripture was read out by director Development and Outreach SABK, Rev Hotokhu Zhimomi. The blowing of the trumpet was done by Shekhopa Venuh.
Special numbers were presented by Khedi Baptist Church, Rüsoma village, patriotic folk song by Tetseo sisters, cultural dance by Pfosemei village, Rüzazhomi cultural organization, Tesophenyu village and Khiamniungan cultural club, Kohima.
The vote of thanks was delivered by speaker Tatar Hoho, FGN, Lhouvitsuu Kesiezie and closing prayer by pastor Chedema Baptist Church, Rev Neivilie-o Zuyie.

NSCN/GPRN (Niki): NSCN/GPRN (Niki) observed the “76th Naga Independence Day” at CFSB office premises on Sunday where NSCN/GPRN kilo kilonser Zheshito Swu graced the occasion as chief guest and unfurled the Naga national flag.
Addressing the gathering, Zheshito said “nothing can deter our spirit or deceive us, if Nagas remain united, firmly rooted in our beliefs and values.”
He said time has come for Nagas to rise up together in one voice and demand for what is “ineradicable and God gifted right” of the Naga people, restoring the future of Naga generations to come.
On the occasion, messages of NSCN/GPRN president ‘gen.’ (Retd) Niki Sumi and ato kilonser Starson Lamkang were also read out.
The leaders stressed on the need for unity of Nagas as first and foremost in order to pursue for what rightfully belonged to Nagas- “the right to determine our own future”.
One minute silence was observed in honour and memory of the Naga martyrs.
The function was chaired by CFSB joint secretary Hiketo Kiho Swu and recorded by dy. secretary central secretariat Ahovi Sumi while the invocation was said by chaplain of CFSB office Vikato L. Sema. Illi. Nika Kiho Swu presented a special number.
The declaration of rank promotion was conducted by HoD to keya Viputo Chophi and benediction by dy. kilonser, ministry of Religious Affairs, Viheshe Yeptho followed by a grand feast.

Akato-led NSCN/GPRN: Akato Chophi led NSCN/GPRN commemorated the “76th Naga Independence Day” at an undisclosed location, which was graced by ato kilonser Michael Yeptho as chief guest, who also unfurled the Naga Flag and received the guard of honour from the Naga Army.
Addressing the gathering, Michael called upon all to “once again be rejuvenated and to look forward, to what God has in store for the Nagas.”
Paying tributes to the martyrs, he said the fallen heroes neither yielded nor succumbed to adversaries, but at all times stood their grounds.
Deputy kilonser of ministry of religious affairs Wenkai Konyak invoked God’s blessings, followed by observing “silent prayers in honour of Naga martyrs”.
The presidential speech was read out by kilo kilonser Nokrang Lanu Aier.
Special numbers were presented by Vivi V. Yepthomi and Toluvi Azanoqo.
Vote of thanks was proposed by the collective leader Viniho Kiho and the programme culminated with mass benediction followed by ‘Independence Day ceremonial feast’.