Monday, October 3, 2022

VCCs call for shifting site of Tizu Hydel Project

Village council chairmen (VCC) of three villages – Tuzatse, Kizari and Kutisu– have appealed to the government to shift the site of the proposed Tizu Hydel Power Project on Tizu river above the river and Tuzaru junction.
Reacting to media reports of November 26, 2021 that claimed that land issue of the project had been resolved with support of Chakhesang Public Organisation and Chakhesang Youth Front, VCCs of Tuzatse, Kizari and Kutisu– Vechita Tetseo, Kuvedu Chizo and Nuvocho Chizo respectively, in a statement claimed that the department concerned never held any formal talks and agreement with the neighbouring terrace paddy field landowners.
They also claimed that no agreement was reached with local public and residents of neighbouring villages. They pointed out that terrace cultivation was carried out by residents of Kotisu, Tuzatse and Kizari villages in Tuzaru river valley. Calling for obtaining the consent and approval of all villagers, they cautioned that those involved in the project would be held solely responsible in case of any damage to their lives and property.