Monday, October 3, 2022

Vehicular traffic temporarily suspended along NH-202

Deputy commissioner (DC) Mokokchung has suspended all forms of vehicular movement on NH-202 (Mokokchung-Tuensang road) 12KM for repair and maintenance of bailey bridge until further notice.
In an order issued by the DC, vehicles carrying a maximum load of 10 MT from Mokokchung towards Tuensang had been advised to take the diversion from KM 158 NH-02 Longmisa junction-Longmisa-Dikhu-Alisopur-Thronger-Tuensang route and those plying towards Mokokchung from Tuensang to take the diversion from Thronger-Alisopur-Dikhu-Longmisa-Longmisa junction-Mokokchung during the restricted period.
It also stated that only vehicles with a maximum load capacity of 10 MT would be allowed in the diverted route.
Meanwhile, in a video that went viral on social media, a truck was seen stuck reportedly in the middle of Dikhu river bridge (Mokokchung-Tuensang road). DC had earlier cautioned that the Bailey bridge of the Dikhu river was under duress pressure.