Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Verification report on unidentified dead body

Following the report of an unidentified dead body found at Chüza near Chowkhwe river, Viswema village on September 1, SDO (C) Jakhama, Ruopfukuotuo Noudi in a verification report, informed that a team led by SDO (C) Jakhama visited the spot on September 2, during which, the body was found in a highly decomposed state below a cliff about one km from agri-link road.
The body was reported to be of a male between 30-40 years with no bullet or injury marks.
The cause of death could not be ascertained and the body was handed over to the south police station morgue for possible identification. The team also included SDPO south, medical officer, Khuzama PS police personnel, Viswema village council and youth organisation representatives.