Saturday, October 8, 2022

Visitors restricted at Amur Falcon roosting place

Amur Falcon Roosting Area Union (AFRAU) Pangti Village has restricted visitors at Amur Falcon roosting place during the month of October 2022 in order to make Amur Falcons free of disturbance. According to AFRAU president, P Thungchumo Shidio the decision was taken at the general meeting held on September 18. AFRAU said that Amur Falcons were avoiding their actual Roosting place in Pangti Village during the last migration season. The reason behind this might be because of human habitation and disturbance during their first phase of arrival, the union stated. In this connection, to give peace to the birds, the AFRAU resolved not to allowed visitors to pass Raphapen Junction from October 1 to 31 2022.