Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Wati completes ICC level-1 coaching camp

Founder of Indian Fast Bowling Center (IFBC) Watinungsang Imsong has become the first Naga to complete the International Cricket Council (ICC) Level-1 coaching from Dubai.
To felicitate the achievement, representative from the Nagaland Cricket Association, Aidhur Rahman presented the certificate to Wati and also 14 other IFBC students, who were selected for the State team, during the annual IFBC cum-felicitation programme held on Sunday at Indisen village.
According to Wati, there are only four fast bowling centres in the world– two in England, one each in Australia and India (Nagaland).
Meanwhile, Wati has been invited for a seven-day bowling camp at Omtex Cricket Institute in Mumbai, India’s biggest sport brand and cricket Institute.