Thursday, August 18, 2022

What does it mean to be Christian?

As a Christian, someone who has put faith in trust in the redemptive work of Jesus Christ through His death on the cross and subsequent resurrection, our behavior mirrors, reflects and resembles Christ.
When we put our faith and trust in Christ, when we commit our lives to serving Him and serving others as He served us, our behavior and mindset reflects the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in our hearts. Christ is with us and in us. We are new creations!
Our old way of thinking is gone. Our motivation, desire, and purpose are replaced with delight in the things of God. The joys and pleasures of our lives are exponentially enhanced through our relationship with Christ. And our selfish and worldly pursuits are exchanged for desire to honor God.
Life in Christ is not a life of “I don’t get to do what I like.” It’s not a life of loss. Instead, it’s a life of abundance, where what I used to like and desire pales in comparison to what my heart now desires. Christians see, feel and experience the world in a different way.
A much grander, deeper and meaningful way.
One of the new ways we see the world is through the lens of “others first.” For example, Christians are called to love the orphan and widow and care for those less fortunate.
God’s concern for the vulnerable or marginalized is apparent in his command for us to defend them.
Many Christians forget to come back to the foundation of our faith – Jesus Christ. We can look at how he called his disciples to live out the ethics of the Kingdom here on earth.
Being a Christian is more than identifying yourself with a particular religion or affirming a certain value system. Being a Christian means you have embraced what the Bible says about God, mankind, and salvation. Consider the following truths found in the Bible.
As Christians we are called to bring the Gospel of Jesus to the world. And the Gospel literally means “Good News”. Thus, if we are not bringing the good news of the hope and joy of Jesus by being the salt and light of Christ, we are not truly living out and sharing the Good News of Jesus. How can we claim to be followers of Jesus Christ yet neglect his most basic call for us?
Nochet Ao

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