Friday, August 19, 2022

Wokha & Tuensang farmers trained on ‘natural farming’

As part of the ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare’s awareness programmes for “gram pradhans” (village councils/authorities) across the country, webinars on “natural farming” was conducted in Wokha and Tuensang by the Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) in association with MANAGE Hyderabad and SAMETI Nagaland, on July 5.
Wokha: ATMA Wokha conducted awareness programme for Gram Pradhans by organising a webinar.
In a press release, ATMA Wokha informed that programme facilitator DPD T. Subenthung Yanthan in his welcome address highlighted the ongoing online webinar across the country on natural farming and exhorted on how the village authorities can be agents of change for farming communities.
In his keynote address, project director ATMA & DHO Wokha, Medemshiba stressed on chemical free alias traditional farming methods and urged upon the participants to opt for naturally available resources and also to utilise traditional ways in combating various pests and diseases.
At the webinar, master trainer deputy director, directorate of Agriculture, Bodevi Shuya spoke on conserving of earthworms and termites and the role played by organisms in enriching the biomass of the soil.
He also stressed on how microorganisms available in the soil should be activated using various principles of natural farming so that the soil has all forms of available nutrients for crops
Further, Bodevi spoke on the importance of always keeping the soil covered so that the moisture can be retained.
Meanwhile, resource person CTO KVK Wokha, Megokhono Meyese spoke on crop production in natural farming and said the imbalance use of the agro chemicals in farming had adverse impact on current agriculture practices in terms of health, environment and economy. She shed light on zero budget natural farming and highlighted four pillars of ZBNF where Jeevamrut, Beejamrut, Mulching and Whapasa moisture when applied to the soil converted the non-available forms to available forms of nutrients.
Further, BTM ATMA Wozhuro block, Benthunglo Murry spoke on principles of natural farming, use of indigenous seeds, various trap crops and preparation of insect repellent using locally available resources in managing various pests, etc.
Later, champion farmer Renbemo Odyuo from L Yanthung village under Wozhuro block shared his farming experiences and vote of thanks was proposed by DPD ATMA Wokha, Hukai Zhimomi.
Altogether, 90 participants from various villages and officials participated in the webinar.
Tuensang: ATMA Tuensang organised a webinar with Bodevi Shuya as master trainer, who gave detailed presentation on principles of natural farming which he said, was a promising tool to minimise the dependence of farmers on purchased inputs and reduces the cost of Agriculture by relying on traditional based technologies which leads to improved soil health.
He said that people should go back to their roots and adapt natural farming system by utilising naturally available resources.
Meanwhile topic on integrated pest management was delivered by ACTO (Plant Protection) KVK Tuensang, K Micheal Pienyu where he explained about the concept of IPM and said the goal of IPM was not to eradicate pest entirely but to maintain population level.
He emphasised on different types of control methods on IPM and its important role for sustainable agriculture.
At the webinar, champion farmer, Tokiumong from Kuthur village under Chessore block shared a short video on solid waste management practices in natural farming through use of locally available resources.
Later, discussion and interaction with participants on different aspects of natural farming was also held.
The programme was facilitated by BTM Shamator block, Yimobendang and welcome address was delivered by DSCO & PD ATMA W. Shoyan Konyak while introduction to natural farming was presented by ATM Chessore block, Wapangtoshi.
Agriculture inspector (SDAO Shamator) Kejungkhum delivered keynote address, short speech by Easter farmer friend Rurur, Thsankiu VDB secy Shiponger and Yezaho DPD SAMETI and vote of thanks was proposed by deputy project director ATMA Tuensang, Yanglen Y Jami.
Altogether 76 participants from all the villages under Shamator & Chessore block attended the webinar.

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