Monday, August 8, 2022

Work delayed due to ‘internal hiccup’: Firm responds to LMRSU

Responding to Lotha Middle Range Students Union (LMRSU) seven-day ultimatum to expedite road works of Sanis Zero Point-Lakhuti village under PMGSY II (2019-2022), the road construction firm M/S Northeast Enterprise said the work was delayed due to some “internal hiccup”.
In a press release, LMRSU media cell stated that in the letter, M/S Northeast Enterprise said the road work was delayed due to proposal for change in technology and implementation of soil stabilisation which could not take off on time.
According to the union, the firm, however, said the matter was sorted and assured that mobilisation of required machineries was under process.
Firm also reportedly assured that work would commence by first week of June 22 and completed within the given period, which is September 2022.
Meanwhile, the union said that the firm has sought cooperation from all the stakeholders for timely completion of the project.
LMRSU has acknowledged the firm and responsible contractors for responding to the ultimatum. It expressed hope that the work would be completed as specified in the DPR with no further complaints as promised. The union also assured to extend all support and cooperation to the contractors.

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