Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Wokha Village Council asks govt to probe into death of police personnel posted at Delhi

Wokha Village Council (WVC) under Wokha district has appealed to the state government to order a speedy investigation into the “strange circumstances surrounding the death of late Renchio Yanthan, lance naik, 7 NAP while posted at Delhi” on April 5, 2022 so that “foul-play, if any… be brought to light and responsibility for same fixed by booking the culprit/s under relevant section/s of law in order to prevent such incident/s in the future as many Nagaland Police personnel are posted outside in their lines of duty”.
The appeal, signed by WVC chairman Vandan Erui, and handed over Friday to deputy chief minister who is also incharge of the Home, adviser for Law and justice, and DGP Nagaland among others, said late Renchio, hailing from Wokha Village, was posted at Delhi as part of the “Department’s Company rotational posting”.
The appeal, a copy of which was made available to Nagaland Post, said that on April 4, 2022 late Renchio Yanthan went on routine duty (from 7 a.m. till 2 p.m.).
At around 3 p.m., Erui said Renchio “went to meet one of his friends, Ekonthung Kikon, No. 73553, D. Company, to request him to pay him back some money owed him by the later as he had been granted official leave a week before to go home to Wokha with his train ticket already booked for April 5, 2022”.
Erui claimed that, at Ekonthung’s place, one of Ekonthung’s friends, reportedly “Meren Longkumer, No.7472619 of same Company, not only confronted him but also forced late Renchio Yanthan to leave the place”, which allegedly “resulted in a fight where Meren Longkumer reportedly manhandled late Renchio Yanthan.”
The following morning (April 5, 2022), WVC chairman claimed that “Renchio Yanthan was found dead on his bed. Following the unfortunate discovery, a postmortem was conducted on late Renchio Yanthan’s dead body but without the consent of his uncle, a constable himself of the same Company posted at same place.”
Erui said that this was despite the uncle’s request to everybody not to touch his nephew’s dead body before he reaches the spot. Under these circumstances, late Renchio’s body was sent to Nagaland along with his uncle with an official message stating that his death was due to illness, the chairman said.
The appeal also claimed that “after the dead body arrived home, relatives were shocked to find bruises and cut marks on the body of late Renchio Yanthan”. Therefore, based on the suspicious circumstances surrounding the unfortunate death of late Renchio, Erui said the bereaved family lodged FIR on April 6, 2022 night at Wokha Police Station.
Following this, officials from Wokha district administration and Police came and an inquest report was prepared on April 7, 2022, WVC chairman said. As per report, the FIR along with all details were forwarded to Delhi for further inquiry but till date the bereaved family have neither received any information on the progress of the inquiry nor even a copy of the postmortem report, WVC chairman stated.