Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Yimkhiung Akherü Arihako (YAA) reaffirms blanket ban on hunting & poaching

In its endeavour towards conservation and preservation of wildlife and ecology, Yimkhiung Akherü Arihako (YAA) during its 56th federal assembly on May 13 has reaffirmed blanket ban on hunting and poaching in the entire Yimkhiung jurisdiction.
In a press release, YAA informed that during the assembly various agendas pertaining to students’ welfare were tabled and deliberated and the house also reviewed and rectified previous resolutions.
Reiterating its “zero tolerance” stand on proxy teachers, the house endorsed all its federating units to check the “menace of proxy teachers” and to monitor the regularity of teachers in their respective jurisdiction.
During the session, “awareness and sensitization on skill development” was presented by Throngso Yimkhiung. The aseembly was hosted by Jenty village under Pungro Sub-Division, Kiphire and attended by district administration Pungro, Yimkhiung Tribal Council (YTC), Yimkhiung GBs’ Arihako (YGBA), Yimkhiung Gazetted Officers’ Association (YGOA), Yimkhiung Women Organisation(YWO), Public Forum Pungro Sub Division(PFPSD), Chessore Area Public Forum (CAPF), Pungro Area College Students’ Union (PACSU), Western Yimkhiung Students’ Union(WYSU) and delegates from 85 units across Yimkhiung inhabited towns and villages.

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