Tuesday, September 27, 2022

YNACFR sets Sept 15 deadline to complete Foothill Road

Young Naga Action Committee on Foothill Road (YNACFR) has set September 15, 2022 deadline for the State government to complete the Foothill Road construction.
Comprising students and youth of 13 affected tribes and formed under the aegis of Nagaland Foothill Road Coordination Committee (NFHRCC), the committee in a press release said it had been sadly observing the lackadaisical attitude of the State government in completing construction of the decades-old incomplete Foothill Road, which was the lifeline for the people of Nagaland, in spite of NFHRCC’s constant appeals.
YNACFR however appreciated the contractors for completing 80% of the work despite onset of summer season. It recalled that the meeting convened by the PWD (R&B) chief engineer on July 22, 2022 had specifically decided that the pending bills would be released as per the work completed. The committee however alleged that the contractors’ pending bills had not been cleared to date. It feared that the project would not be completed as per the stipulated time set by NFHRCC.
Meanwhile, YNACFH has threatened to take its own course of action if the matter was not resolved.
NFHRCC to hold consultative meet
Nagaland Foothill Road Coordination Committee, as resolved during the joint meeting held on August 6, has called for a consultative meeting with all primary stakeholders from Tizit to Niuland inclusive of all village councils, coal miners’ union, log & saw mills union, stone crushers/boulders and transporter union and the Young Naga Action Committee to deliberate on the foothill road.
Informing this in a press note, NFHRCC said that the meeting will be held on August 19 at NFHRCC base office, Khermahal, Dimapur from 10 a.m. onwards. It has requested two members from each village councils and various organisations/unions to attend the meeting positively.
For further information the office bearers can be contacted: convenor Supu Jami- 9436016389; gen. secretary W. Lemba Chang-9856867464; co-convenor Hokiye Yepthomi- 9863022644; fin. Secretary Mar Lemtur- 9436019202; info. secretary Himaito Chishi- 9862409627 and asst. gen. secretary Chenithung Humtsoe- 8974028616.