Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Youth urged to work hardand maintain consistency

Founder of YouthNet, Hekani Jakhalu has reminded the youth that the only way ahead for them was hard work and being determined to reach their dreams and vision.
A press release by YouthNet media cell informed that Jakhalu said this while speaking as special guest at the special talent show for the youth commemorating the 32nd anniversary of Padumpukhuri Village Council (PVC) on May 21 at Toluvi Village, Dimapur.
Stating that youth of the state are inherently talented but lack consistency, Jakhalu asked them to overcome it as meritocracy was the only way ahead in the future and added that youth needed to be prepared to face the tough competitive world ahead.
Jakhalu also lauded PVC and village elders for their vision in sending out a strong message of “unity” which she said was the need of the hour.
Committing to work towards the youth of PadamPukhuri and East Dimapur in general, she announced Rs 10 lakh towards construction of “Youth Resource Centre” in PVC office area.

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