Tuesday, September 27, 2022

ZCOs observe 91st martyrdom of Jadonang

The 91st Martyrdom Anniversary of Haipou Jadonang was organised by Zeliangrong Civil Organisations (ZCOs) at Langthabal Chingkha Village, Imphal West District, Manipur on August 29.
According to media and publicity cell of ZCOs, on the occasion, Ph. Lungpuiga, Khullak of Langthabal Chingkha village lit the candle to mark the day. Peter Panmei, secretary, Zeliangrong Students’ Union (ZSUM) and Thonribou Pamai, president, Zeliangrong Youth Front Manipur (ZYFM) delivered welcome address and vote thanks respectively. Village elders, senior leaders, women’s societies, youths and students’ leaders attended the programme.
All Zeliangrong Students’ Union AZSU (Assam, Manipur & Nagaland) president, T. Henry Chawang; Zeliangrong Youth Front ZYF (Assam, Manipur & Nagaland) president, M. Lunglailung; All Zeliangrong Arts and Culture president, Poudongai Kamson; Zeliangrong Baudi ZB (Manipur) president, Poupoklung Kamei; Zeliangrong Baudi (Assam, Manipur & Nagaland) Vice-President, Titus Kamei spoke on the occassion.
The speakers mainly dwelt on the philosophy and ideology of the great leader Jadonang who had a strong determination moblised the people and launched a strong resistance people movement against the colonial rule in order to free his people from the oppression and suppression of the colonial rule.
In a bid to put an end to Jadonang’s spearheaded Zeliangrong movement, the colonial administration wrongly implicated Jadonang on unrelated murder charge and hanged him to death by the British Administration on August 29, 1931 on the bank of Nambul river near Imphal Central Jail.
Every year on this day, different organisations observed the martyrdom anniversary and martyr day in different manner to mark his supreme sacrifice towards the cause of the people
ZCOs appealed to all to understand the philosophy and ideology of Jadonang rather than paying mere respect and honour on his Martyr Day.
Meanwhile, ZCOs urged the government to allocate certain specific amount to Zeliangrong Civil Organisations to organise the martyrdom anniversary in a grand manner every year.