Thursday, August 11, 2022

ZLSU(N), ZYF(N) reject formation of ZYON

Zeliang Students Union Nagaland and Zeliangrong Youth Front Nagaland on Thursday, rejected the formation of Zeliangrong Youth Organisation Nagaland (ZYON) during a consultative meeting. In a joint statement, ZLSU(N) president Kingsalt Hegwang, ZLSU(N) vice president Imzui Hingleu, ZYF(N) president Josiah Zeliang and ZYF(N) Ananda Haihing Zeliang said the meeting was prompted by the sudden formation of Zeliangrong Youth Organisation Nagaland, which it said was “a parallel organisation to ZYF(N) which is already in existence since 1981.”
The bodies stated that ZYON was formed “with the sole motive of leadership by some self-styled desperate and self-oriented hellbent leadership mongers after erstwhile United Zeliangrong Youth Federation (UZYF) failed miserably” to achieve vested interests.
They said such acts devised by certain individuals “only to attain their leadership” has created misunderstanding among the youth of the community.
The bodies also stated that the organisation claimed that majority of the executives of UZYF tendered resignation to show their resentment against the “callous attitude of its president.”
They warned the “newly hatch organisation” to desist from making any press statements or conduct any meetings which they said could invoke chaos among the youth of the community as it would create disunity.
ZLSU(N), ZYF(N) said the organisation claiming to be apex youth organisation of Peren district was “vague and holds no water as the latter was formed without any consultation from the public and other frontal organisations.”
Further, they urged upon responsible CSOs to condemn the mushrooming of such parallel organisations when the community was facing unresolved land, boundaries and other issues.
The also asked the “self-proclaimed leaders of ZYON” to walk the talk instead of “lecturing unity” and desist from further creating any malicious statement in the social platform or print media since the guard of the organisation are all from the same old failed organisation i.e. UZYF.
Further, they warned that individuals or organisations endorsing the formation of Zeliangrong Youth Organisation Nagaland which is only a month old would be doing so at their own peril.

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