Friday, October 7, 2022

ZRSU demands a stop to ‘attachment’ of teachers

Zunheboto Range Students’ Union (ZRSU) has demanded a stop to the unethical culture of “attachment” of some teachers with legislators, bureaucrats, officers and in some offices, which degraded the morale of other earnest and dedicated teachers.
Appealing to the State government and the department concerned to give emphasis on infrastructure of government schools, ZRSU president Gihuka K Zhimo also insisted that the department should stop random transfer of teachers on the basis of their social and political inclination as it was directly leading to degradation of government schools.
He further entreated the government to release the salary of teachers that were pending for quite a long time. “The salaries of the teachers should be paid on time so as to allow the teachers to perform their duties effectively and to relieve them from further inconvenience,” he implored.
Mentioning that ZRSU had concluded its first phase of education tour within Zunheboto area and Zunheboto town in three weeks and covering 34 government schools, Zhimo explained that the tour was initiated as part of a mission to eradicate proxy teaching and examine overall growth and development of government schools.
He alleged that the schools were found to being in a very pathetic condition, adding that many factors were responsible for their degradation and decrease in the number of students, four of which were important – i) proxy teaching and irregularities of teacher, ii) random transfer of teachers in the middle of academic session, iii) lack of proper infrastructure and iv) lack of subject teachers. Adding to these, he said there were no proper classrooms, school kitchen, toilets and drinking water facilities, adding that some schools did not even have classroom partition, while the locations of a few were not feasible.
Strongly opposing the unethical and practice of proxy teaching, ZRSU said the union had sent out individual notices to all erring and irregular teachers to join their duty with immediate effect, failing which the union would be forced to take further course of action.
Expressing dissatisfaction with the functioning of the DEOs and SDEOs, ZRSU appealed to both the offices to function more effectively and systematically and oversee the development of schools under their jurisdiction. He said the union was astonished and anguished over the irregularities and non-presence of officers in the offices.
Demanding that SDEOs and DEOs should be posted at least for a minimum period of two or more years for smooth functioning of the offices, ZRSU asked the department to ensure that funds and materials meant for schools were disbursed without any misappropriation. Any loophole and siphoning of funds for individual benefit would not be tolerated, it said.
ZRSU urged all GBs, school management committees, leaders and village elders to play an important role in shaping the education system at village level and oversee that the schools were functioning effectively and systematically. It also called upon all to be responsible and make a collective effort towards restructuring and reforming the society.