Wednesday, October 5, 2022

ZRSU serves 15-day ultimatum on DoHE

Expressing displeasure over the shortage of 21 teachers at Zunheboto Government College (ZGC), the Zunheboto Range Students’ Union (ZRSU) has served an ultimatum on the department of higher education (DoHE) to depute teachers within 15 days.
In a representation submitted to the department of higher education through the Deputy Commissioner (DC) Zunheboto on September 13, 2022, the ZRSU president Gihuka K Zhimo cautioned that failure to depute the teachers within the stipulated periods, the union would take its own course of action and the department would be held solely responsible for any untoward incident.
ZRSU said that Zunheboto Government College—the only college in Zunheboto district—had been catering to the needs of the students from Zunheboto district since its inception. However, ZRSU said that due to the lack of development and acute shortage of teachers, the students and teachers of ZGC had been facing untold hardships for many years.
The union stated that ZGC has been functioning without the required strength of teachers, which was hindering the teaching-learning process and the smooth functioning of the college to a large extent.
Adding to the shortage of teachers, ZRSU said no appointment had been made in place of the teachers who were transferred, promoted and passed away.
Further, the union stated that the academic career of the students was being jeopardized due to the negligence of the department in appointing sufficient teachers in the college.
ZRSU has, therefore, appealed to the department to appoint the required number of teachers in all the departments at ZGC.