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Konyak border area villages are ‘cradles of Naga sovereignty’

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 11/5/2020 1:04:01 PM IST

 Since, from 1950s Naga national workers, the so called Naga Political leaders are searching the place to shelter to seek the full Naga independence for the common Naga cause. The Naga national workers came to the Eastern Nagaland (formerly) presently naming us Myanmar Naga which is the only place purely remain Naga Area, neither conquered by India nor full occupied by Myanmar, keeping as war houses without any condition for future. NSCN/GPRN, Indian and Myanmar, three junctures living on intolerable atmosphere every day facing un-imaginable situations by three party armed forces. Despite of international benefits on development from both sides, we are living in the core of arms occupation from India on the west, Myanmar on the East and Naga national workers forces in the centre. Till today innocent people get sufficient advantages of arms and bombs joint operations from three governments. Whereas totally nil in every facilities for human requirements on the advantages of living in the border area so called, “International Boundary” for Indian and Myanmar countries, on the other area of International Boundaries are opposite from our border by development in the education, technology and advancement for the upliftment of the border area people by implementing various variety of development progress every day.

Today, I would like to plead to the Naga national workers, so called, Naga National Political Groups and NSCN/GPRN leaders who are presently working for the future of Naga Independence, that Eastern Naga ( Konyak area people) are revising to look back on your political “Cradle ground” while reformation of Naga national workers government from NNC/FGN to NSCN/GPRN and taking place at political play ground.

People are respecting and honouring you that you are Naga political leaders not the Naga personal leader. Whatever, independence conditions would bring for the Naga, we are hoping that we will also be included we trust, despite of Nagaland Naga independence or particular area wise or calling us different country name. This dialogue is un-acceptable, hence innocent life have tolerated countless miserable situation and services without any cost in the Naga Independence. Naga national leader should not keep unsolved problems trying to extend our conditions to talk later, whereas people are waiting for your independence. Since all the Naga national leaders have been settled in Eastern Naga soil they should not easily ignore us which would be painful for us. Public wants to remind you not to be deaf, not to be blind on our side and not to forget the past political nurturing places while, the beginning to re-start the Naga national movement to retaliation to the Indian forces after the Nagaland statehood was created. We received the Naga leader and provided what we have, we saved your life from the many hidden adversaries in our fields in the name Naga national cause, in respect and fearing for the banner of “Nagaland For Christ” , as your commitment and promises to work for Nagas, without any differentiation, black or white, East or West and South or North, Naga will be one under the umbrella of “Nagaland For Christ” and NNC and NSCN/GPRN are responsible to bring unique independence separated from other countries was your pledge.

Basing on your advice, we have been serving without any condition voluntarily, by physical services for the Naga nation, and we have lost lives while protecting you from armed forces. We have been offering our domestic animals whenever Naga national worker demanded, we have been constructing houses by public wealth where you want to live. We gave our virgin forest abundantly without any cost, we carried your luggage till the designated places. Innocent people are afraid of your order to do whatever you want and serving as the second God during your life stay in Eastern Naga soil. We never regret about our services in the face of trouble and facing ugliest situation in everyday life. We offer our life in the name of sovereignty, as per your introduction and forced to work for the nation especially Konyak area are facing and serving due to living in the border area so called, International Boundary. Which are the villages easier to communicate between Eastern and Western Naga leaders and comfort to stay for operating Naga designated places and NGOs can come and take bold decision for the struggle of Naga causes. In 1996 to 1997 there were many great Naga leaders and national workers led by Shri. Late Papa Kholi and Shri. Late Papa SS Khaplang in the Chen Hoyat village and Chen Throilu villages. Public feels that after they depart from village they will have independence. However, that was very unfortunate meeting place as after they left from villages, the Myanamar Army launched severe and operation firing every year. 1999 to 2000 A.D after 2001 A.D Myanmar Amry operation was deployed three months with continuous firing, bombing, slaughtering domestic animals in the villages. These consequences were the most inhuman activities and unforgettable memory of worse year for people of Chen Hoyat, Chen Throilu and Chen Nyanching villagers’ life and in entire Konyak area. Till today villages are unable to settle even in own village because of “Nagaland for Christ”/NNC/NSCN only. We remain out of development not by our fault or our brainless people but it was the Naga political issue and you should not claim the people narrow minded. Some great politician leaders are blaming us and it is totally unacceptable words for us since, Nagaland Naga leaders run from Nagaland and sheltering in the Eastern Naga area and convinced the people to support only the Naga government. Now it is too late for making re-instruction as after generation to generation we have been trusting and voluntarily worked for the Naga determination. Why we live without education, without communication and completely zero progress in development? So, this issue recognize concern burdens for the Naga national leader as well as Naga apex body NGOs. Since, Eastern people save the Naga political history without bias of places or area we accept all the Naga leaders and serve without any conditions only to see Naga independence.

Today, people want your vision towards us, people want peace, independence and not the pieces of independence. People don’t want to hear Myanmar Naga or out of Nagaland, as Naga leaders already have experience of our conditions and sacrifices for nation. People don’t want to see different faces when you leave from our soil neither we invite forces to come but you come yourself to seek full independence for the Naga. Leave yourself your commitment and promise which are still very fresh in mind. Till today people believe your political settlements to all of us and never lose hope that you will be independence provider, not the divider on the issues of Naga sovereign. Your recalling us and highest kindness will be appreciable for the common goal determination.

K. Akham Honwang, General Secretary Eastern Konyak Union (Myanmar)

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