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Naga Hoho responds to Z. Lohe

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 9/4/2020 12:54:15 PM IST

 There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism and from this we learn and better ourselves. We are not expecting anyone to be sycophantic in anyway, and this is certainly not our expectations. However at the same time, we do not take constructive criticism from people who have never constructed anything. It is a universal truth that everyone is free to express his/her views and opinions in a democratic society, however some organizations and individuals who have time and again critically questioned with malevolence over the legitimacy of Naga Hoho and its role, but it is noted with all seriousness that so far none are able to come up with a clear cut solution in addressing the core issues.  

The recent statements of Mr. Z. Lohe, who was once NSF President under whose leadership the Motto of NSF “For a greater Lim and glory of the Nagas” was coined  and a seasoned legislator, has been on a spree of attacking Naga Hoho. Mr Lohe for reason best known to him has been painting the activities of the Naga Hoho in a very bad taste misinterpreting the activities and intentions of Naga Hoho. Therefore the Naga Hoho wishes to make some relevant clarifications for the citizen to hear our side of the story.

That NH at no point of time has changed its position in questioning the integrity and seriousness of Mr.R.N.Ravi who is an Interlocutor for the Indo-Naga Peace Talk representing the GoI.

1. When HK Zhimomi, President NH  said “we have no connection with NSCN-IM’s statement of favouring or not favouring “Ravi” as Interlocutor from our side” was only in reply to a query of a reporter who asked him “whether NH’s Representation to PM  was in line with or an endorsement of the NSCN-IM’s letter to PM.

2. NH is not questioning any individuals or organisation’s expressed views, but only questioning the Interlocutor as to why he should term the Naga national workers as Underground and Armed-gang with whom he is holding peace talks for such long years.

3. NH’s intention was never to delay the Naga Political Solution but it is our solemn prayer to bring Indo-Naga political settlement at the earliest possible time. 

4. It is put on record that unlike Mr Z. Lohe, who is fighting for strengthening the 16 Point Agreement within the perimeter of Indian constitution and a separate solution for the present Indian segregated Nagaland state, Naga Hoho stands for all Nagas irrespective of boundaries covering the contiguous Naga areas and inclusive political settlement once and for all.  

Further, the Naga Hoho is disturbed by the Nagaland Gaon Bura Federation’s (NGBF) letter to Hon’ble  PM of India seeking solution within the union of India. What is more shocking is that GB’s failed to realise that, the Naga political struggle for the last more than seven decades is not just for the state of Nagaland but is inclusive of all Naga areas. In this, we acknowledge Mr. RN Ravi who had categorically stated that, Naga problem is not confined to Nagaland state, but it covers all Naga inhabited areas. He went on to say that, there is no reason to talk if it is all about Nagaland state. As such, there will be one agreement and one solution. 

No wonder, the NGBF is a government agent and it was established to assist the district administration. The Naga people were taken by surprise, when the GB started to claim their credibility in the Naga political negotiation. It has become obvious that, the NGBF platform was misused by some people to meet their interest. It is unfortunate that, the NGBF has chosen to be part of the problem and not part of the solution. We remonstrate that Gaon Buras are never a custodian of Naga customary laws rather they are accountable to every Village Council and the state government and punishable under the provision of law in the event of GB’s failure to abide by the directives of state government. NGBF may express their opinion but they cannot claim ownership or stakeholder towards solving Indo-Naga political problem.      

Over the years, the Naga Hoho have been working persistently for unity and reconciliation in line with all compatible organizations and facilitating the Peace Process for an early Indo-Naga political settlement. Successive leadership had contributed in strengthening the Peace process; however, solution is delayed thus far due to various reasons best known to the negotiating parties. The Naga Hoho has time and again appealed for unity and reconciliation so as to strengthen the Negotiation for an acceptable solution. Unfortunately, Naga people are busy in framing diverse opinion with state-centric and regional interest coupled with unity and political solution. New concept of Peaceful negotiation with GoI have emerged which questions the historical foundation of the Naga movement. We have no reason to blame others but ourselves. The Naga people must own responsibility that we have destroyed the fabric of Indo-Naga Political Talks. It is in the interest of the adversaries that we have defeated ourselves and become enemies of our own selves.

There is no doubt that tribes from Nagaland state have been dissociated from Naga Hoho for different reasons in different times, yet then nobody can claim that there is no legality or existence of Naga Hoho just because there is no representatives from Nagaland state. It has been functioning with the majority units and representatives from Manipur, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Myanmar and even support from people of Nagaland. Every organization has different objectives and directive principles. For instance, Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) which claims to be the apex body of Nagaland state is as same as CNTC having only three tribes, (Ao Senden, Lotha Hoho and Sumi Hoho) affiliated to NTC. Instead, Naga Hoho have never question the legitimacy of NTC and their activities at any point of time as we have different perceptive and device on the question of solving Indo-Naga political issues. Nevertheless, it is not our interest to exhibit our differences to the outside world. It is disheartening to note that our own Naga brethrens laugh at each other with the sign of fulfilment when the Indian agencies and reporters castigate our own political groups and civil organizations. Naga Hoho shall never be the one to indulge in petty issues and politicking against any Naga organization and we expect others to reciprocate in the same manner. 

In this backdrop, Naga Hoho is constrained to clarify its role and activities in the interest of the Naga people. Hence any misadventure in the process of lasting solution should be own moral responsibility by those who works to divide the Naga family.

Issued by,

Communication Cell,

Naga Hoho.


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