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Nagaland Football: Evolution or Revolution?

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/20/2020 12:15:51 PM IST

 Nagaland Football has fallen to such a terrible condition and to return to main stream we either need evolution or revolution. I honour the past players who has done tremendous amount of real Football for Nagaland and that’s how the passion and legacy flows in till today and overwhelming sight of Football wherever we go in Nagaland is because of big contribution from the past players and their achievements. However the present generation should stop living in the past glory and start implementing proper policies and plans every year from the beginning of the year. I wish to see the calendar year of Football in Nagaland ie the plans, the project, the tournaments, the policy or step to achieve in each calendar season because at the present context, our Football has reached to such a limit where we need revolution to revive it but living in Christian state and amongst the peace loving citizen the word revolution sometime doesn’t sound good so I say Nagaland Football need Evolution to get to the top and rekindle the past glory. And when I say Evolution, I m not sidelining the past glory but we need a new whole kind of new seeds and plants to regrow so that the cycle of life continues instead of getting withered. We need a whole new fresh concept otherwise we have to continue living in the past glory which sounds so good yet not lightning the future dark passage. And when I articulate, I always mention Nagaland Football Association and State Government (it should not be taken on negative terms) because these two has the authority to make the big decision of Football. Evolution in my own terms is here, Nagaland Football need grassroot level in the first place without which we won’t have future star and they need to be mould from the age of 7 years onwards, just imagine the game of this boy by the time he reach 17 years provided that we have done our proper homework in this 10 years of rigorous training and coaching. By Evolution I mean Nagaland Football need to go out and start showcasing our talent not keeping the selection bias. Nagaland Football Association with the help of State Government need to have one Corporate Club and any player qualify to play for this club need to have class A category and in order to play in this club all the players need to toil and sweat to climb the ladder from the class D category. If this kind of Corporate Club exist and manage by NFA and support by Nagaland State Government then the club should bid for I-League under Corporate tender bidding system. Once we start playing I-League our players will be in limelight and get scouted for ISL which comprises of highest player from Northeast Region unfortunately not Nagaland. And maybe my only dream but if we win I-League we qualify for Indian Super League and ultimately to India squad. Winning world cup for India is distant dream as of now but how proud it will be for Nagaland if we can see our player help our country to qualify for World cup but these dreams is foil if the authority does not improvise and start the preparation. Nagaland state need at least two division of League to upgrade players from D category till Top A category. And not only that when we have 2-3 division leagues in state, all the club will try to reach the top division making it more competitive and the best will come out of this and the weaker one be relegate. As of now since we don’t have strong stability ground and strong club to qualify or bid for I-League hence NFA with assistance from State Government need to build one Corporate Club to provide platform to our talented players. And by Evolution I want to state that we need Professionalism to evolve a whole new kind of Football to bring present glory so that the past glory stay intact and our achievement today pave the way for better tomorrow. We need to bring in so much Professional in Nagaland Football that we become the powerhouse of Football. At present juncture we are only passion driven but once we bring Professionalism on the desk then all the clubs and players will become so professional that Football will become the biggest industry in Nagaland. Looking towards the better days of Football after COVID-19. It will be unfair on my part if I end my article without acknowledging Nagaland Football Association and our State Government for they have done commendable job for Football so far but I have to say that there was lack of Professionalism and lack of Evolution. 

Shiyeto Wotsa, President 

of Naga United FC 

and Convener Dimapur Football League


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