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NSCN/GPRN response to Yung Aung

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/3/2020 12:28:13 PM IST

 It’s an open secret known to almost every Naga in eastern part of Nagaland about the criminal antecedents of Mr. Yung Aung. The very utterance of Mr. Yung Aung’s name is synonymous and conjures the abhorrent picture of a drug addict and a wannabe drug lord in almost all minds in the Eastern parts of Nagaland. He harbored a mad fantasy of trying to become a drug lord of an illicit drug empire. Therefore, in the year 2010, he along with 1 Naga and 3 outsiders came up with the proposal and plan to bring in machinery for manufacturing bullets and Mr. Yung Aung presented the idea to our leader SS Khaplang who welcomed the idea and was excited at the prospects of manufacturing our own bullets for the Naga army. 

The proposal presented was in fact a sinister cover and a ploy for bringing in distillers and equipments needed for cooking illicit drugs. From the onset, he never had any real intention of manufacturing bullets but masked it as cover for setting up an illicit drug manufacturing facility to fulfil his devious desire of becoming a drug lord. With his partners in crime, the facility was set operational and began producing illegal drugs but by divine intervention, his nefarious plans came crushing down and shattered, when the profit sharing deal among his partners in crime went astray, resulting in the murder of one of his partners in Delhi. He desperately tried in vain, to cover his crimes, by destroying the illegal drug facility. But his nefarious designs and crimes were discovered and our leader late SS Khaplang took immediate action against him by forcefully discharging him from National service, in order to save the Naga movement from being nearly tainted by his illicit drug based business. 

 Being caught red handed, he pleaded guilty and sought forgiveness and constantly appealed to our leader late SS Khaplang to forgive him, as he was willing to mend his criminal ways and promised never to return back to his wayward ways. After an observational period, he was accepted into the NSCN/GPRN fold on the explicit condition that he desist completely from his criminal ways. Our leader late SS khaplang who had a compassionate heart, always felt the need to forgive which sadly was his undoing, in due course of time spelling disastrous consequences as a result of his trust on Mr. Yung Aung; Analogous to the cautionary tale of the man who took care of an inquired snake. Mr. Yung Aung took wanton undue advantage of our leader late SS Khaplang and in numerous instances beguiled and instigated our leader late SS khaplang into taking decisions which he would otherwise not have taken. Mr. Yung Aung paid back in Treachery for the compassion showered on him by our leader late SS Khaplang.

 With the failure in the first attempt to build an illicit drug empire, he thought that he could still achieve his dreams of being the boss of a illicit drug empire by heading the Naga revolutionary movement as President, to wilfully misuse the presidential office for the realisation of his criminal enterprise and to rise above all opposition to his devious plans. Our leader late SS Khaplang became an obstacle and a hindrance to his dreams, so he suck up to our leader late SS Khaplang and gained favour in his sights and gradually rose up in the hierarchy of the government but felt his ascension too slow, therefore he devised an outrageously insidious plan and decided to murder our leader late SS Khaplang. As he was a close aide of our leader SS Khaplang, this devious plan was hatched and carried out by  poisoning  our leader late SS Khaplang who unwittingly and with a trusting heart took the poison as medicine which ultimately resulted in his sudden death at a time when his health was robust for his age. The secret of the murder was brought to light by his close associates.

 After becoming the President, he reconnected with his remaining partners in crime and as of today has managed to procure all equipments for once again manufacturing illicit drugs and the facility is located in the forested area along the Forcefully drawn boundary line in the vicinity of Hashik and Chopkolangoi on the east and the Warap area to the west. Anyone is welcomed to independently verify from the villagers of the above mentioned areas about the drug facility in nearby forested area by inquiring whether any equipments such as distillers were brought into the above mentioned area from the Indian occupied areas and also whether generators were brought into the area from Burmese side. It’s no wonder, it was done with the tacit approval of Indian occupiers who would stoop to any level to malign our Sovereign Political Rights.

If there’s even the slightest bit of self remorse or probity left in Mr. Yung Aung then he would gracefully desist from trying to further malign the Nagas and NSCN I-M would fare well to distance themselves as far as possible from him, least they too be dragged down into the abyss of criminality. The damage and blot on Naga movement caused by Mr. Yung Aung  has been mercifully salvaged only through the grace of our lord and Savior Jesus Christ. NSCN/GPRN along with all Nagas dedicates this triumph over evil and all other victories of our revolutionary movement to Jesus Christ alone. Kuknalim.

Nikato Pilot Sumi, MIP (incharge) NSCN/GPRN

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