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NTC reacts to statements of NSCN (I-M)

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/26/2020 1:07:43 PM IST

 The Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) is constrained to react to specific statements of MIP NSCN (I-M) that appeared in the local daily paper on 12th August 2020 under caption “NSCN (I-M) accuses RN Ravi of ‘misdoings” 1.(a) “Ravi clearly deleted the word “new” from the original to justify his own narrative and circulated to 14 tribe leaders, NNPGs, NTC, and Nagaland GB Federation” (b) from nowhere Ravi created NNPGs as third party/force against the bilateral talks of the Govt of India and the NSCN”, Unquote. 

The assertions of NSCN (I-M) as quoted implies that Shri R.N. Ravi, Interlocutor GoI is solely responsible for manipulation of Framework Agreement and at the same time, the creation of the platform called Working Committee (WC) of 7 NNPGs and the eventual invitation of the Working Committee by the govt of India to a political negotiation in 2017. The allegations are wild, baseless and unfounded. 

Justifiably the NTC would like to clarify and place the following factual positions on the quoted allegations. 1. (a) That it was on 18th October 2019, the Interlocutor GoI who is also the hon’ble Guv of Nagaland invited the  Apex Tribes Hohos of Nagaland at Japjü Hotel Kohima in which a delegation of NTC also attended. In the meeting Shri R.N. Ravi in front of the jam packed attendance in the Conference Hall requested volunteers (anyone) from the participating members to come forward and read out both the 3rd August 2015 Framework Agreement between GoI and the NSCN (I-M), and the Preamble signed between GoI and the NNPGs. Two learned Nagas from the public volunteered as requested and read out both the agreements two times each one after the other. It was loud, clear and distinctly heard by all present the word “new” in the 3rd August 2015 Framework Agreement. The whole events of reading out of the agreements were seen duly audio recorded. NTC did not see on that day distribution of any printed Framework Agreement or the Preamble nor received any of such copy. NTC at the same time did not get any copy of the Framework Agreement till today. (b) The Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) in order to keep the record straight would also like to justify the fact that the Ceasefire agreement was endowed in the State of Nagaland in 1997. However, inter factional feuds could not be stopped and scores of precious souls perished in the face of guns and bullets even keeping the lives of the innocent citizens at risk. It has also been observed that the exclusive political negotiation between the GoI and the NSCN (IM) from 1997-2015, that is 18 long years, neither included any other NNPGs operating in the region nor with any logical conclusion.

 Even after the 3rd August 2015 Framework Agreement in which the hon’ble Prime Minister of India announced publicly at Kisama during inauguration of the Horn Bill Festival 2015 that political negotiation would be concluded within 18 months could not yield any positive result. NTC does not want the NPGs to remain a splinter group and die down as a splinter group. Further NTC realized that any negotiation without all the NPGs involved could bring no lasting solution. Under such compelling circumstances there is no other better option left but to pave a way rope in the NNPGs for inclusive negotiation with the GoI for sustainable peace out of political negotiation in the greater interest of the Nagas as a whole.

Towards this end the NTC decided to mediate through its Mediation Committee amongst NNPGs of those who were not taken on board for the long drawn 18 years political negotiation with GoI. By the grace of God and with His blessings, initially at the right time the NTC could manage to bring Six NNPGs under a common platform called “Working Committee” for negation with GoI. The NTC together with the NGBF humbly approached the GoI to have inclusive negotiation with the NNPGs. 

Accordingly, the GoI invited the NNPGs for similar political negotiation in 2017 followed by subsequent progress and development. In due course of time, through the initiative of NGBF, the NSCN (Khango) group joined the WC, NNPGs and today 7 NNPGs have been having dialogue with the GoI in the greater interest of the Nagas. 

2). With utter surprise the NTC also noticed a statement by respected Maj (Retd) Hutovi Chishi, Convener, Steering Committee NSCN that appeared in the local daily paper on 19th August 2020 under caption “We shall take our stand” saying; Quote:- “We have to choose which way to go; either to allow ourselves to be carried away by the wave of anti-Naga forces in collusion with Ravi led forces or choose to stay active defending the historical and political rights of the Naga people”. Unquote. The NTC would like to know who are these anti-Naga forces in collusion with Ravi led forces. It is unfortunate for the convenor, Steering Committee, NSCN (I-M) to misconstrue the unification efforts of NTC and NGBF as anti-Naga.

 The NTC therefore, makes it loud and clear to all and sundry that it has been working dedicatedly without prejudice and malice towards any individual or group  of individuals but always with noble objectives to saw the seed of understanding  and unity amongst our people. It is futile for anyone to blame the Interlocutor Shri R.N. Ravi for the formation of the WC, NNPGs. 

Toniho Yepthomi,  President and Nribemo Ngullie, general secretary NTC.

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