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NVA message on World Veterinary Day

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 4/23/2021 12:33:58 PM IST

 The Nagaland Veterinarians’ Association (NVA) president and his colleagues wishes all the veterinarians of Nagaland and veterinarians around the world a Happy World Veterinary Day!

As we celebrate with the rest of the world I am very pleased and applaud World Veterinary Day 2021, Saturday, 24th April, with the theme “Veterinarian response to COVID-19 Crisis”

World Veterinary Day (WVD) was founded by World Veterinary Association (WVA) to highlight the Wonderful lifesaving work carried out by the veterinarians around the world uniting air Veterinarians around the globe under one umbrella frame. World Veterinary Day was established in the year 2000 as an annual celebration of the veterinary professionals. The World Veterinary Day is celebrated on the last Saturday of April every year. It is observed to recognize the contribution of Veterinarians in the field of healthcare and medical science. The welfare of animals is intrinsically related to the well being of human beings and the ecosystem. Veterinarians help prevent and treat illness in animals everywhere. The response to help in natural and manmade disasters, educate the next generation, and develop new vaccines, medicines and treatment for animals and people by monitoring, reporting and control of animal and human disease outbreaks across the globe thus providing quality healthcare to food producing animals. Through their work, dedication and commitment, Veterinarians make the world a better and safer place for both animals and humans. 

The aim of WVD is to promote the veterinary profession and work on improvement of the animal and human welfare, the environment, food safety, and practices of animal transport and quarantine. we celebrate the importance of the one health concept and approach focused on tree realisation that animals and men live interconnected lives, so their existence depends on each other — for companionship, protection, safe and nutritious food products, work related and recreational activities, the biodiversity of our wild life, research and new knowledge to better our lives. 

In the face of current pandemic, solidarity is the key, On the occasion of World Veterinary Day, the CIE pay tribute to the great effort made by the Veterinary professionals to support the human health sector, from research to human sample testing as well as provision of human and material resources. The CONIID-19 pandemic has put considerable pressure on public health services across the globe over the past one and half year.  The pandemic impacts population in numerous ways and reminds us that multi-sectoral collaboration in line with the One Health approach and the sharing of expertise are more important than ever. Beyond collaborative research, the animal health sector and, in particular Veterinary Services’ contributed in various ways towards building a common response to the pandemic. In many countries, veterinarians have shown their commitment to support the work of human health authorities.

When the world suffered sudden halt disrupting the normal walks of life and the countries worldwide shutting down to complete lockdown, Veterinary laboratories have used their experience and expertise in high throughput testing capacity of infectious diseases to engage in activities such as surveillance screening, by testing human samples, thereby supporting the diagnostic capacity of human health services. Veterinary professionals have also been volunteering in hospitals and laboratories when human resources were not sufficient. Veterinary epidemiologists have been supporting their counterparts in the public health response to track the disease in humans and to support the development of effective public health interventions. 

India also went under lockdown in the month of March 2020 and Nagaland too was put into total lockdown due to the devastating menace of COVID-19 pandemic. During this period of chaos and confusion, the veterinarians were also faced with tremendous challenges of maintenance and managemental welfare of its farm livestock and poultry population. Animals were still getting hurt, always getting sick and even requiring wellness examinations besides requirement of feeds regardless of the outside world bunkering down. In conjunction with crisis management effort, it should not be forgotten, that on a daily basis, the activities of Veterinary Services contribute to addressing critical needs, which are heavily challenged in the current circumstances: food security and safety, as well as livelihoods are intrinsically linked to sound animal production systems. It is crucial that the Veterinary Services continue to implement their multiple activities, which contribute to ensure a continuum in safe food provision for populations and to sustain their subsistence. The downstream effects of COVID-19 on economies, animal health, and food security remain as important as ever. 

Realising the role of livestock and poultry farming as an integral part of Nagas, the Government of Nagaland has enlisted the Department Of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services, under essential service and the livestock and poultry feeds as essential commodity to oversee the managemental welfare of the animals in general and necessity of feeds in the process. In addition to the vital role played by the department in ensuring health and welfare of the livestock and poultry population in consonance with holding the ethics of Veterinary profession, many Veterinarians and paravets were pushed into active service as Task force committee members and frontline workers to fight the menace of COVID 19. Veterinarians responded and played a crucial role during the COVID-19 pandemic in the service of the public and taking care of animal health welfare by having free access to their movements as essential service professionals.

1. Set up Department Task Force to coordinate and assist State Emergency Task Force. Formulate action plans in off-setting probable source of infection through Livestock & Poultry.

2. As member of State empowered group-II in strategic planning for exigency situations, Veterinarians have taken major role such as quarantine in-charge, convenor of “transport committee” and in identifying of quarantine centres and lodging of returnees in the hostels and ensuring transport of food and water to the quarantine centres.

3. Veterinary Hospital remained open on all working days during the restricted lockdown for the health coverage, welfare of the livestock, poultry and pets.

4. Efficient veterinary service was rendered to the Zoo animals in Rangapahar whenever called for.

5. Regular press releases of guidelines, advisory and precautionary measures in line with OIE directives.

6. Creating linkages and facilitate farmers for livestock and poultry feeds & feed additives having accessibility problems. 

7. Issue of pressurised disinfectant sprayers to all inter-state QCPs for disinfection of vehicles transporting animals and feeds. 

8. During the pandemic lockdown, an outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF) in the neighboring states viz. Assam and Arunachal Pradesh leading to blanket ban of pig import in the state was imposed. To safeguard public health, the officials performed duties round the clock in all the intersection and quarantine check post. In many occasions officials intercepted and confiscated diseased animals entering the state. Seized pigs and pork were disposed off in presence of officials as per SOPs.

9. Re-activate district Rapid Response Teams as preparedness initiative for eventual COVID-19 outbreak. 

10. Educating public on general awareness and precautionary measures of COVID through mass and social media in context of Animal-Human interface.

11. Supply of piglets, rabbit bunnies, chicks and calves to progressive farmers to sustain breeding stock and also as a means for their income generation. 

12. Facilitate supply of milk and dairy products from the farm/manufacturing plant to the consumers. 

13. Contribute and play a major role in strategic planning for rebuilding State Economy in the aftermath of COVID-19 first phase.

The Nagaland-Veterinarians Association applauds the Veterinary medicine professionals today and everyday for their selfless service to animal welfare and humanity.

Dr. K.N. Zubemo Humtsoe, 

NVA President


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