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Speeches of NPGs leaders on ‘Naga Republic Day’

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 3/21/2021 1:21:19 PM IST

 NSCN (I-M): My dear people of Nagalim, on this historic day, I greet you all in the living name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

History says Naga country is composed of thousands of sovereign independent village-states which were ruled by councils of elders headed by kings. But their independent and peaceful life was threatened when the British colonial forces intruded into the land of the free Nagas. The Naga people felt the necessity of forming a united force under the banner of one national government and organization to confronting the aggressors in defense of their land. So, the birth of a republic government was necessitated. The Republic government called Federal Government of Nagaland was formed on 22nd March 1956. But its legitimacy ceased with the signing of the Shillong Accord in 1975. Thus, the second Republic government called Government of the People's Republic of Nagalim was formed and declared on this day, the 21' March 1980. Change of government from monarchy to Republic is historic. Republic is the rule of the sovereign people through their elected representatives where voice of the people is supreme.

The Indian authorities also acknowledge the historical fact that the Nagas have the history of independence; they have neither been a part of the Union of India nor that of Burma. In 1950, the constituent Assembly of India invited the Nagas to join the Union of India, but it was rejected by the Naga people. If the Nagas had joined Union of India 71 years ago, they would have been assimilated and perished in the ocean of Indian cultural imperialism. Our fathers clearly understood that there is no future for the Nagas when their sovereign right to decide their future by themselves is murdered. The big no to the Union of India had saved the future of the Nagas. The Nagas are alive and kicking on account of that historic decision.

In the negotiations, the Indians and the Nagas leaders took their respective parallel stands never to meet. The stand of Gol was — 'solution within the parameter of Indian constitution and Union of India' whereas the stand of the Nagas was —'nothing to do with India, nothing short of total independence and total sovereignty.' Finally, after a long series of talks Government of India proposed the Framework Agreement as a formula of win/win solution. All the successive Prime Ministers of India understand that Nagas will not merge with Union of India, but they are willing to coexist with Union of India. They are also well informed of it that Nagas will not accept Indian constitution, however, they are not opposed to sharing sovereign power with India. The Framework Agreement is the meeting point of the two sovereign peoples. Sensible Nagas understand that this is one of the options where the Indians and the Nagas can come closer to each other because it serves the purposes of both the parties. And therefore, it would be a great loss for them if they would betray the Framework Agreement or miss the chance. But as for the Nagas, we will keep the Framework Agreement.

We don't believe in the philosophy of stopping war with war. All wars in history and all human problems are settled with the politics of negotiation and agreement. We believe the Indo-Naga political problem can also be settled through political talks. We strongly believe Indians and Nagas can walk together, work together, live together and fight together through agreement both in the time of peace and war. The Scripture says, "Can two walk together except they be agreed?" We have understood the fact that Indo-Naga political solution will not come from the east or from the west, it will come only from the bilateral talks between the Nagas and Indian leaders. And therefore, we reiterate our stand on the negotiated settlement.

Nagas are highly political people. We are issue-based people; we are principle-based people who can never be lured and purchased with quantum of money or high sounding promises. Government of India must not repeat the wrong colonial 'carrot and stick policy.' Colonialism is a thing of the past already condemned by the world today. Indian leaders admitted that the so-called 16-point agreement and the Shillong Accord did not solve the problem. That is why the government of India invited the NSCN leadership to have political dialogue with them for a lasting political solution. But we can assuredly say any agreement that is not based on the issue is no solution at all. I believe Indian leaders today will not commit the mistakes of the past. For the Nagas, we survive if we hold fast to the issue, but we perish if we drop it. Kuknalim! 

Yaruiwo, Q. Tuccu

GPRN/NSCN: Dear Comrades and Countrymen, on this auspicious Naga Republic Day, I give glory and honorto our Almighty God for bestowing us the opportune time to once again celebrate the historic day. We remember His rich blessings in our people’s historical and political heritage and journey. I convey my highest Revolutionary salute to you all.

Today is the day to recall how, in the most turbulent time, our past leaders and elders chose to empower Naga Homeland and establish a Democratic Republic based on the ideal of “Nagaland for Christ”, in the midst of big, powerful and advance nations. It is the day Naga people choose to exercise freedom of choice in choosing the system of governance that best reflect our political, social and cultural identity. 

On behalf of all comrades, I salute the brave departed Naga sons and daughters, our inspirational heroes, for their sacrifices and the belief in establishing the foundation of Naga Nationhood. They live forever in the hearts of generations.

Brothers and sisters, the spirit of patriotism and nationalism stems from who we are and what we aspire to be. Each year on 21st March we endeavour to remind ourselves of the giant steps taken by those brave and committed patriots preceding us. Our search for better tomorrow and a honourable future placed us at a negotiating table with the GOI. With the prayer, support and solidarity of our people, the WC,NNPGs and the GOI have agreed in principle that Nagas have right to self-determine their future in consonance with their distinct history and identity. Having accepted this truth, Nagas too have realised that contemporary political realities must be taken into account because both entities are looking at enduring peaceful co-existence as the basis of future relationship. This is the nutshell of historic step taken on 17th November 2017 by GOI and WC, NNPGs. The core values of Naga political aspiration is met. In the course of our quest and struggle to safeguard our distinct history and identity, Nagas have waveredleading to myriad of political perceptions resulting in disunity, especially amongst the national workers. This has become an ailment nibbling at the very fibre of possible Indo-Naga solution.

Today, having accepted by all negotiating entities that talks had concluded as on 31st October 2019, there should not be any excuse by any entity to delay the solution. Goal posts have been changed umpteenth times. Apex Naga tribal bodies and general populace at the grassroot have been misled for 24 years. The lies are exasperating. The much awaited Indo-Naga political agreement must be inked without delay! 

It is through the divine benevolence of the Almighty God that most of the Naga political groups have come together and chosen to carry the yoke of Naga people’s aspiration in unity.It is time to prepare ourselves and embrace a political settlement where all Nagas can participate and redefine our destiny afresh as a people. We must prepare our generations to face greater challenges in the future. We believe we are on a path to unveiling a   future where our identity, history and political right- the very ideals our forefathers defended with their lives, will be reaffirmed, entrenched and institutionalised. The political negotiations between GOI and WC, NNPGs carries the essence and spirit of May 16, 1951 Naga plebiscite. We have great faith in our future. 

Lastly, GPRN/NSCN acknowledges the consistent unwavering leadership of NSCN (Reformation), FGN/NNC (Shingya/Zopra), NNC (Parent Body), NNC/GDRN, GPRN/NSCN (Khango/Isak), NNC/NPGN. Also the apex tribal bodies led by NTC, NGBF, the inter-denominational Churches, ENPO, CNTC, Minority Communities of Nagaland, Mothers Associations, Student Bodies, Naga friends and supporters across the world. We are a blessed people. Happy Naga Republic Day!

God bless Naga land ! Kuknalim!

President ‘Gen. (Retd.)’ 

M.B Neokpao Konyak

NSCN (R): Dearest Ladies and Gentlemen, Naga Revolutionary Comrades, on this auspicious day of Naga Republic Day, I personally thank God for his protection and guidance throughout Naga political journey. I also salute our great leaders and Naga Armies who laid their lives for the nation. The fight was too hard for the Naga people yet, they fought bravely in all situations for decades and saved the Naga nation from the deadly jaws of mighty India and Burma (Myanmar). The first ceasefire between India and Nagas in early 60s broke, causing heavy battles between the two, followed by several failed accords. Thus, the second ceasefire was necessitated in 1997 and 2001 bringing political balance and recognition of each other’s position. This understanding of each other’s political situation, the political dialogue took its shape. The present peace process between GoI-NSCN (IM) and GoI-NNPG/WC moved positively edging to the final agreement. The ray of hope is dawning and it is expected that, during Narendra Modi’s government and the centre, the long standing Naga issue will be resolved. I therefore appeal to all the Nagas to come together by burying all minor differences for the common good. Kuknalim

Long live Naga Republic Day!

Y. Wangtin Naga, 

President, (NSCN- R)

FGN: My beloved Country men and women, it is a great honour and a privilege for me to address you on this historic occasion of the 66th Republic Day of our Nation. I thank our Almighty God for His continued Guidance, Sustenance and Protection. I am immensely grateful to our pioneers for laying a firm political foundation for which we are able to stand up today with pride and dignity.
I salute and pay my homage to the martyrs who have made the supreme sacrifice for the Naga Cause and all the Naga patriots for their visions and sacrifices in pursuit of the long cherished Naga dream. May their unyielding spirit and selflessness continue to inspire, guide and strengthen us.
Nagaland became a Republic 22nd March in 1956 that when the Naga National Council convened the First Tatar Hoho bringing together the Free Nagas represented by the Hongking Government and the erstwhile Naga Hills District represented by the Naga National Council which led to the establishment of the Federal Government of Nagaland. With the National Mandate of 1951 entrusted to them and acknowledging that the Almighty God is the Supreme Sovereign over this world and the authority of the people on the territory is a sacred trust from God, our leaders established our National institution based on the modern principles and ideals of Democracy, Justice, Liberty and Fraternity and instituted the Republic on the concept of the Federal System of Governance.
The historic Declaration of Naga Independence on 14th August, 1947 and the irrevocable pledge of the Plebiscite of 16th May, 1951 created the foundation and shaped the political course of our people. Naga nationalism was founded on courage, the courage to believe that Nagas are different and unique as a people and as a nation founded on the historical and political reality of the time. We chose to determine, forge and shape our own destiny with freedom and dignity.
As we commemorate the 66th Republic Day, we celebrate the exemplary lives and courage of the pioneers. Our history is our inheritance but we have to place ourselves within the historical framework of the past and follow the path till our historical rights are expressed in full. The Federal Government of Nagaland believes that we must travel back in time to the past to reclaim our rights that was declared in unity and trust.  In the midst of opposition from others, we must free ourselves of the distrust from within, unite and with strength proceed forward. I believe that there is a future ahead of us and that future is waiting for those who are morally strong, determined and resolute to make it their own.
The Nagas as a people have an ardent desire to live in peace and harmony and have always sought to live in peaceful co-existence with our neighbours. For Peace to prevail and for a peaceful resolution of the Indo-Naga political issue, the Federal Government has been involved in political dialogue with Government of India as an entity of the NNPGs Working Committee to arrive at a political settlement which is honourable and mutually acceptable. But we have to be brutally honest with ourselves and we have asked ourselves many times, “Is India really concerned about the wellbeing of the Nagas? Is India prepared to be honest with her commitments?” History has made us to doubt these questions.
Our ancestors were honourable people and their words used to be their law. It’s shameful and disgraceful to dishonour their own words. The British recognized this custom and treated the Nagas as honourable people. Despite several conflicts and agreements between the two, no written document was necessitated. And so we respected each other for what each was. But when the Indian leaders made the first agreement with the Nagas, they neither honoured our customs nor their promises.
We had to make a written agreement - the 9 point agreement (Hydari agreement). Even after getting written assurance from the representatives of the GoI, a letter signed by Bordoloi and Hydari themselves, the agreement never saw the light of day. Successive Indian leaders have failed to uphold even the promises made to the Nagas by their most venerated leaders like Gandhi and Rajagopalachari.
It has made us to wonder what are we up against, a people whose honour is questionable. To cite few instances - India never honoured the Hydari agreement; India betrayed the Peace Mission of 1964; India divided the Nagas even after her promise to bring the Nagas under one political umbrella; India is not even serious about her commitments to the 16 point agreement in all important matters. We are also aware that the conflict between the Nagas and India could have been resolved long ago had the Government of India been really sincere in the desire to resolve it. The GoI in the past has instead of seeking permanent solution rather has basically succeeded in prolonging the problem by manipulating the situations as and when desired by her. It is up to the Government of India whether to restore faith in the Indian system of Democracy make a mockery of the Indian System of Democracy. We Nagas, as a Nation of trustworthy and honourable people expect India to live up to her world image as the largest Democracy in the world; we hope India becomes a self-respecting and honourable country. We have the moral strength to stand, wait and watch as we firmly believe that what is rightfully ours cannot be crushed by might. 
May God’s grace be upon us all and His Wisdom continue to guide us and may His Will prevail as we continue our journey.
God Bless My Nagaland. Kuknalim.
Kedahge, ‘Brig. (Retd)’ S. Singnya 
NSCN (K): All glory to God the Almighty for having sustained us through the ages of our existence and for His providence over our sacred struggle for liberation. On this auspicious occasion the 42nd Republic Day celebration, let us reminisce the sacrifices of thousands brave Naga patriots who had paid everything so that we could be where we are today. We pay homage to the fallen Naga heroes whose blood nurtures the sacred struggle and continue to enrich our motherland and inspires us to uphold the sacred mission entrusted to us. We also share with the families of the martyrs the "pain and sorrow wrapped with courage and bravery".  We also urge the active Naga national workers to remain vigilant despite everyday challenges and continue to steadfastly uphold the national interest above everything. It is our assurance that your sacrifices shall never be in vain. 
Every Naga from across the length and breadth, hues and colours and from every walks of life we entreat you to be a part of this joyous celebration. 
It would also be unforgiving on our part not to acknowledge the unwavering support, commitment, contribution and self-less sacrifices of various Naga Civil societies,NGs, churches ,Apex Naga tribal bodies, NGBF, NTC,CNTC, students, women organisations etc since the inception of the Naga National struggle hitherto, and not the least we also acknowledge the crucial role of the GOI, the Interlocutor RN. Ravi and Naga politicians irrespective of party affiliations for their sincere mediation and path breaking roles in enabling the Indo-Naga political negotiations to have successfully concluded on 31stof October 2019. 
With the successful conclusion of the Indo-Naga peace process the ball is now in the court of the Gol and we are but waiting finger-crossed only to sign the final agreement for which we leave the entire dispensations to God's will. 
On the part of the Naga negotiators, under the dynamic leadership of N. Kitovi Zhimomi, the Convener W/C NNPG and the Co-Conveners, despite overwhelming odds with the support and mandate of the Naga people we finally have effortlessly managed to hand over the issue to the highest level of the Indian Government that is Indian PMO. Regardless of the rumours galore, the NNPGs W/C have made a commendable and unique achievement by inking a preamble to an agreement where in the GOI not only recognises the historical and political rights of the Nagas but also has endowed upon the Nagas the right to self-determine our own future and the right to legislate on our own on issues pertaining to land and resources, traditions, customs etc. Every conceivable means have been explored and efforts put in to secure our future and defend our identity. Meanwhile any unresolved issues shall be pursued through democratic, political process post-solution. It is therefore our appeal to every conscious Naga not to be swayed away by propagandas being generated by vested interested who are very keen to sabotage the much anticipated political solution but to demonstrate perseverance, patience and perfect understanding of the issue and exercise further caution lest our impulsiveness and immaturity destroy the hard-earned peace and imminent political solution at the behest of anti-solution elements. 
We must at all cost protect and defend the success we have achieved thus far and for the sake of posterity and to ameliorate the thousands of martyred Naga families let us give our everything to ensure that the successfully concluded political negotiation comes into fruition. Kuknalim.
AtoKilonser GPRN 
‘Col ‘Retd.’ Isak Sumi
NNC/GDRN (N/A): My fellow Nagas, on this auspicious and historical day of the 65th anniversary of the Naga Republic Day, I extend warm greetings to fellow Nagas spread across the globe I salute honour, acknowledge and pay homage to all those patriots who laid down their lives in the service of the Nation and its Homeland. The sacrifice and Martyrdom of our patriots will be engraved in the history of our nation and serve as a source of inspiration for generations to come.
History is clear that the Nagas were never under any rule… foreign or domestic. Prior to the imperialistic British misadventure into Naga Homeland, Nagas were living in a self-administered independent village states. The dynamics of the post 2nd World war divided the Naga families arbitrarily between two newly independent states of Myanmar (Burma) and India wherein, Nagas from both sides of the border has suffered miseries of unimaginable magnitude and beyond human comprehension. There had been times where both India and Myanmar (Erstwhile Burma) tried to silence the Nagas right to self-determination.
Albeit a little late, Political Leadership in India has recognized the Nagas ’right to self-determination, which is reflected in the Historic document “Preamble/Agreed position” signed between the Government of India and the Nagas on 17th November, 2017.The former represented by the GOI’s interlocutor Mr. R.N.Ravi and the latter represented by the Convener and Co-Conveners of the 7 NNPGs Working Committee.
Heeding to the clarion call of the Naga people for peace in Naga homeland, 7 different warring   groups came together in true Christian spirit of ‘forgive and forget’ and formed the 7 NNGPs working committee and has been working tirelessly under one umbrella to bring about an enduring peace between Indians and Nagas and an honourable solution that is acceptable to the Naga people.
I am hopeful that we will see the light at the end of the tunnel under the able leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the light that will herald the dawn of lasting peace, prosperity and intellectual revolution which for decades has evaded the Naga homeland as a result of one of the longest and bloodiest running confrontation in the history of indigenous peoples movement for self-determination.  Kuknalim
Kiumukam Yimchunger,
NNC/GDRN (N/A) President

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