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Speeches on ‘Naga Republic Day’

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 3/22/2021 1:22:13 PM IST

 FGN: All Glory to God, the Creator of Universe, Who set our people apart and made us one among the nations. He bestowed upon us a land enchriched with countless treasures to be called our own-Nagaland.

66 years ago, God gathered our Naga National Council leaders from their respective regions to the historic place of Parashen in Rengma Region, on 22nd March 1956 our leaders inaugurated the formation of the Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN). We are eternally grateful to our leaders of ages past for their vision and sacrifices. 

We share border with China in the north, Manipur in the south, Burma in the east and Assam in the west and the people living along these frontiers are our own. History testifies to the fact that Nagas have always been free people. We were never under the yoke of any foreign rule or monarchy. We lived in village states where everyone was equal. Every region had its own unique customs and tradition. Every village was self-sufficient and defended its pride fiercely. Every family worked hard to produce food for themselves and governed by their own customary laws based on fairness, justice, equality and honesty. In religion and spirituality, they worship neither hand-carved deities nor inanimate objects but lived in awe and reverence of the Being who created all things and acknowledged Him as the sole owner of the earth and skies above as their God.

The Britishers, following the annexation of Ahom and Meitei kingdoms, came to our land to do the same but after witnessing the courage and sacrifices of our ancestors to protect their inherent rights, made peace and set up their administration in some parts of our land for some time.

The British had left, India forced it’s dominion over us. This marked the beginning of Indian Army’s atrocities on our people. Tens of thousands of our people were killed; national workers were taken captive and tortured mercilessly before being killed like wild animals, thousands of women were raped and stripped of their dignity, more than nine hundred Villages were burned and completely destroyed. 

However, this violent invasion could not defeat us nor deter us from defending and loving our country. So the Government of India resorted to political trickery and bribery to induce few Nagas calling themselves as the Naga People Convention resulting in the creation of an illegitimate Puppet State without the mandate of the Naga People and its authority concerned. So Naga National Council and Federal Government of Nagaland did not recognize the action of the so-called NPC as the NPC itself was neither a mandated organization and worked in direct contravention to Lakhuti Resolution and the Yehzabo of Nagaland.

The creation of the State brought more turmoil and conflict, so the Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) took initiative and formed the Peace Mission which eventually succeeded in negotiating a Cease-fire Agreement between the Federal Government of Nagaland and the Government of India in 1964. Even to this day, we stand true to this agreement.

From 1954 we bear witness to our pain and suffering, our sacrifices and courage, our faith and victory. My dear countrymen, We have weathered the stormy night, we have passed the test of time. As we celebrate the 66th Republic Day today, we pay homage to our patriots, who with faith instilled in them from above, gave their yesterday for our today. Their sacrifices shall forever be engraved in our hearts. With eternal God as our witness, let us pledge, as one people, one nation, in one voice to continue their legacy to set our people free. May God bless us all. Kuknalim.

‘Gen. (Retd.)’ Viyalie Metha, Kedahge, FGN

Niki-led NSCN (K): On this auspicious Republic day, Greetings to all in the name of our only Redeemer and saviour Jesus Christ. Revolutionary salute and homage to Martyrs and all that have borne the brunt of hardships in different ways and capacities. 

The sacrifices of our forefathers has culminated in giving us the distinct identity whether it be individual or collective political identity that we have inherited as a Nation and people. The fierce resistance to the invasion of our lands and the salvation of our souls through the holy gospel has only been made possible through Devine intervention. God’s mercy and Grace abounds us despite being the least deserving. History is a testament to the indomitable spirit of the Nagas, despite the numerous hurdles that came our way and with God by our side, we shall defend our political rights with steadfast determination and strength. 

Our political movement has been stoked by various conflicts. There is barely any family left untouched by the scorch of misfortune or deaths, due to the conflicts with Nations in our quest of defending our inherent and inalienable political rights. All deeds of saneness or madness have struck the cord of our ultimate destiny towards the fulfilment of our goal. A United Naga nation is the only way forward for us as we face this situation of seemingly being enmeshed in a messy cauldron of divisions and isms.  True peace has always eluded Nagas but here we stand at the threshold of a new beginning of at least achieving peace in our lands which we have never really enjoyed since we as a Nation came to being. Therefore, With the sacrosanct covenant of ‘Nagaland for Christ’, may we firstly find favor in the sight of God as a nation, until God deems it the right time for Nagas to attain our ultimate goal. 


‘Gen. (Retd.)’ Niki Sumi 


NPGN/NNC: I give glory and honor to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ for his gracious love, mercy and sustenance of our people. I acknowledge the sacrifice of thousands of Naga patriots in our long struggle, who laid down their lives in defense of our homeland and are proud of their deeds and honor them on this auspicious day.
 Through this Republic Day message I wanted to appeal the Nagas to reason together instead of blaming one another and provoking the situation. No force can defeat us, only our disunity has destroyed our everything. Therefore we must move forward for real and reconcile by forgetting past bitterness.
The WC, NNPGS are mere Messengers of the Naga people, as what the Naga people aspire for we have than and now considering the contemporary political realities, we have negotiated in the best possible manner.
Since the issue is a Naga Political issues by the Nagas and for the Nagas it defines logic and reasoning why any leader would hide the agreed documents from the people without any fear and complacency the status paper between WC, NNPGS and GOI has been made available to all Naga Tribal Hoho, concerned Nagas senior leaders and Naga legislators. The WC, NNPGS and GOI talk is in a positive direction as we have reached ultimate milestone as the GOI has recognized the Historical and political rights of the Nagas to self determine their future and for which we must thank hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi and His Excellency, Governor of Nagaland-cum-Interlocutor R.N. Ravi for their positivity and understand of the Naga cause. The WC, NNPGS have committed for transparency afterall we are for the Nagas and noting will be hidden, only our honesty to our cause and transparency in our approach will shape our future, we must not miss another golden opportunity as it will not come back once it is missed. Kuknalim
Shoba Lakhum, President, NPGN/NNC
UNPG-NNC (PB): My fellow countrymen, on this auspicious and historic occasion of Naga Republic Day, I greet you all in the name of our Almighty God. The political and National gains that we have today is the result of the martyrdom and sacrifices of fellow Nagas who believed in the Rights and Sovereignty of the Nagas for which I salute them all. Their names and selfless sacrifices will always be inscribed in the annals of Naga history and ever remain as an embodiment of strength, courage and Valour.
As a republic nation, we have shunned the rule of the elite few. It is the voice of the people that determines our history. Although we see pockets of dictatorial leadership on our land, NNPG’s of which NNC in an integral part, believes that the future of the Nagas will and can be determined only by the Naga people. Since, the beginning of the Naga political dialogue with the Government of India, each and every step has been carefully deliberated and crafted in consultation with the Naga People. We are thankful to the Nagas, irrespective of tribe, age, status, gender or religion for their invaluable wisdom, sacrifice and contributions.
We acknowledge the willingness of India’s PMO and the decisive role of the Governor and Interlocutor Shri. R.N Ravi for his determination to bring about solution to the long overdue struggle for our inherent and inalienable Rights. Today we are on the verge of inking the final inclusive solution for the Nagas and as we believe that the GoI has taken cognizance of the voice of the Naga people, we will continue to advocate for one agreement, one solution.
Let us continue to remain firm in our political journey and be vigilant against vicious elements that device plans to derail, delay and misdirect our common goal. Let us remain committed to one agreement and one solution for the Nagas. May the almighty continue to give us the courage and strength to complete the journey and reach the inevitable destination that our pioneers once treaded for. Kuknalim!
Z. Royim, President, UNPG-NNC (PB)
NNC (Parent Body): Dear Naga People, we the Naga National Council (Parent Body) praise God for His wonderful and merciful guidance and strength for the Nagas to establish a Government with a democratic constitution as a people and nation 65 years ago on this day of 22nd March,1956. 
The Naga National Council on this day with sincerity would like to honour and remember the Naga Martyrs who sacrificed themselves for the cause of Naga Sovereignty and those who are still working for the Naga Nation to be recognised as a country and nation in the world. We salute the martyrs on this occasion and we will continue to pray for the salvation of our Naga Homeland. 
However, today it is sad and shameful that two Republic Day is celebrated- that of democracy government and socialism government with sharp political division within the same people and nation.
And till date we the Nagas could not come together to resolve this basic differences of two political stand and Governments, it is a shame in front of our own people and the world at large. This is all because of hatred , stubbornness and divisiveness that exist within ourselves. 
The Nagas especially the national workers and groups must come together to work out the consensus political stand for solution for all and whole Naga people. There will never be a solution as seen very clearly unless Nagas become united for the purpose of the achievement of our freedom. The Government of India (GOI) at this point is taking full advantage of Naga division with the motive to prolong the political problem between the Naga people and GOI as seen time and again in the past and present dispensation. But if at all GOI were to take their own bias decision for their own interest for Naga solution without honouring the historical and political rights of the Nagas then GOI will be fully responsible and held accountable if any unwanted political situation arises out of it. 
In regard to the present political turmoil in Burma, the NNC is concerned and must tell our people in the region to stand firm for the Naga rights as free and independent people from time immemorial, and also must stand for the best system of democracy governance for progress and development. 
The NNC being the parent body of the Naga people have seen enough and come across all the political development of coup and military rule for the last many years of tyranny and brutality for the people of ethnic and indigenous inhabitants, it is best for the people to be separated from military rule for their own independent governance, therefore the down trodden people of Nagas, Kachin, Karen and Shan should be officially recognised by the United Nations and other democratic countries of the world for this long and rightful original people to establish their recognised Government to rule themselves for peace and development. 
Therefore the Naga National Council strongly stand for the right of these nationalities in Burma region for freedom. For the Nagas have historical and political rights to live together as one people and nation. 
The Naga National Council once again reiterate our stand for the Naga National unity as this is the only way to bring peace and tranquility in the Homeland, and to achieve our very freedom for the best interest of our people and Homeland. Therefore we appeal once again to all the political groups to take it seriously the very appeal mentioned above to come together for the salvation of our people and nation. The Naga National Council will always stand for peace and non violence as it has always been the stand of the NNC from the beginning. 
Once again we praise God for this occasion and thank all the Naga people for upholding in prayer for the National rights and freedom. May God save the Naga people. Kuknalim 
Yilow Humtsoe, Acting President, NNC (Parent Body) 

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