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The Economics of Donald J Trump

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 1/30/2021 12:30:16 PM IST

 From Real Estate investor to the chair of The 45th President of the United States of America, Donald Trump is considered the most controversial and divisive president in America’s History. Trump winning the 2016 election was the biggest upset moment for many Americans. The media says it was a white lash, but it is not necessarily true. States like Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania flipped towards Trump because of Jobs. These states were still not recovering from the recession and were heading towards a stagnant economy. Trump’s campaign promised jobs to these highly unemployed states. 

The Tax cuts and Jobs Act, signed by Trump in December 2017 was the most significant restructuring of the U.S tax system since the 1980’s, his tax cuts helped fuel economic growth, reduce unemployment to the lowest level for half a century. He also expanded fracking, making U.S the biggest oil producer. Since the Economy was slowly heading for a recession, months before the 2016 presidential election. If not for his policies of repatriating American corporate cash held overseas, tax cuts and reduction of unnecessary regulations, another recession would have probably happen instead of the more robust economic growth. In 2019 he presided over America’s lowest unemployment rate in 50 years, boosting the Economic growth among the lowest paid workers. The Economy was booming just as he promised. Trump tax cut bill cut corporate tax from 35% to 21% and decreasing taxes for around 65 percent of working Americans in 2018. The booming economy was not the result of Trump’s political philosophy but a result of him allowing business to work and create jobs and not through the government, because he keeps the government out of the way by keeping taxes and regulations to the minimum. As the economy was slipping after Obama’s 2016 GDP performance of 1.6% growth, Trump turned it all around and rather quickly increased the GDP growth more than 3% which is faster than the last two Obama years. His greatest achievement was his blunt recognition of China as the new geopolitical threat of the 21st century and placed sanctions on top Chinese companies. However, Trump’s internal policy has been overshadowed by his Foreign policies in relation to Trade. He prefers bilateral agreement where an agreement is made with just one other country without any import taxes on any American goods entering another country. He favors a neo-classical Economic approach with a heavy emphasis on local industry, for that reason he always use the phrase ‘America First.’ But on the other hand if America only built their own products with their own citizens in their own factories rather than buying from overseas, it does protect the local industries and jobs but it loses competitiveness on a global scale. 

Donald Trump is one among many who exposed the liberal American Media. The American media are more left- oriented; on top of that, the vast majority of journalism schools are run by liberals, the media is a powerful tool which can even manipulate the opinions of the public. During his tenure, almost all the mainstream Medias, celebrities and talk show hosts were not in favor of him due to many reasons; one in particular is due to his inability to emphasize. In 2020 he also lost young voters due to his denial of climate change. 

With all that being said and despite all pros and cons under Trump administration we can all learn to rethink and question the first impressions our mind creates. Real power in politics is not the office you hold, everyone losses that eventually, it’s not the policies you implemented, it can be reversed. Real power is when you change the way people think. 

Atsulo Thyu

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